Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There is a Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Randomness Wednesday

*I won at my Dietbet. So I took those winnings and I bought a Doctor Who t-shirt. I don't know how I feel about the Dietbet. Not going to lie, I really really busted ass the last week to make my weight and not in a healthy way. I will NOT be doing that again. But, busted ass or not, I rewarded myself with a t-shirt from etsy.

*I have made a few small changes to my eating habits that I would like to share. They might help you! First, I used to eat the Progresso Light soups. They're great and not a lot of calories but hello, sodium! So I started making my own veggie soup in a large batch and freezing it. I add a bunch of extra veggies and some quinoa instead of rice and it's great! I used premade chicken broth so it's still got some sodium in it, but not as much as Progresso. Second, I just started this this week, I started making my own instant oatmeal. Instead of buying the packages (expensive!) of instant oatmeal I bought a tub of quick oats. Directions are add to boiling water and cook for one minute. Instead I use the hot water from our Keurig at work and let it sit, covered,  for about three or four minutes. I add a tiny bit of sugar. I might start adding almond butter to it to change things up. We'll see. It's good, tastes better than the instant stuff for sure. There, two small changes to my food.

*Speaking of changes, I had a total shock moment this morning. I was running through my neighborhood, looking around and checking things out and all of a sudden I realized it was spring! I have been running in the morning, hauling my butt out of bed, in the cold, the wind, the snow, the rain, etc for five months now. FIVE MONTHS! Wow, time flies!

*All of that running means I need new shoes. A definite sign of New Shoe Need for me is my knees hurting on short runs and my shins starting to hurt. Both of those things happened with today's run. Good thing my Guys got me a gift certificate to a running store for Christmas.

*I have yet to register for a June race. I am slacking. I just checked out my RunMichigan calendar and there is a race in my area at the end of the month. I don't want to wait that long so I think I might do one earlier in the month, as well. There's a Race for the Cure in Detroit at the start of June. I'm sure it will be super busy but I don't mind that. Anyone run one before?

*I've been keeping up my May streak of walking or running at least a mile everyday AND doing at least 30 minutes of activity (can even be cleaning the house which is what I did this weekend). I just track it on My Fitness Pal. I'm pondering keeping it up and shooting for 100 days. And just in case you are worried that might injure myself, one of the miles I tracked was walking with a toddler. And since toddlers walk at the pace of snail because they have to stop and LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS EVERYWHERE goodness knows I was not close to injuring myself. I do have "rest" days, I swear!

*It's warm enough out to wear t-shirts and no jacket. My capris don't have pockets so I have been holding my cell phone in my hand. I think I need to look into an arm band for my phone, or a belt I can wear that holds my phone. I don't really look at it. I use the Map My Run App and I like to have it in case of emergency.

*I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight. I always check out any restaurants online menu so I can figure out what to eat there. This makes ordering faster, because I already know what I'm getting and easier, I'm less likely to give in on eating something not so healthy because I already know the calorie content. Knowing what I have to do to burn 1000 calories certainly keeps me away from stuff! But, even if I do indulge I don't beat myself up over it, or at least I'm learning not to. I am going to have a healthy relationship with food, damnit!

That's it, that's what I've got. Any random thoughts tumbling through your head?


  1. Ahh I did the streak thing. I wouldn't mind doing it again. It was a wonderful motivator! And yay for new shoes! I'm STILL in need of getting me a new pair. Hopefully soon.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Doctor Who shirt! I may put that one on my wish list! (I have like 3 Who shirts.. but there are never enough!)

    1. Never enough Who shirts is right! I love it!

  2. Arm band suggestion: I really like my Nathan arm band. It's #1 on my favorite things page :)

  3. For a variation on your oatmeal you could try over night oats. They're pretty good and might be great for the hot summer!