Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Change Will Do You Good

I had a rough week adjusting to my new schedule. Rehearsal on Tuesday night was a blast but I didn't get home until after ten. I was starving on my way home so I had fast food for dinner. And then I was pretty much wiped Wednesday morning so I didn't get up to run.

It's ok. I'm not going to beat myself up over this. All is not lost.

I just need to adjust my schedule which I think will be pretty easy.

First, I'm going to run Tuesday and Thursday mornings and then Wednesday evenings instead of morning. Any other running I get in, aside from a long run on Sunday, will just be bonus time. This lets me sleep in on Wednesdays after my late rehearsals.

Second, I am packing dinner for my rehearsals. We get a break around 7:45PM but I wasn't hungry last time, I think it was just nerves. I will pack healthy snacks for our break and something substantial enough that should I be hungry on my way home I will eat that instead of fast food.

Third, even with the lack of running and the crappy eating I still only gained 1.2 pounds this week. Not the worst. I did not destroy all my hard work by having a bad week where I need to adjust to a new schedule. Whew.

And I had a Non-Scale Victory this week. Let me start with a little background. I don't watch much reality t.v. but back in my pre-kiddos days I used to watch What Not to Wear on Friday nights while Hubs was playing hockey. They always had a marathon on TLC, fun. One thing I absolutely learned from that show was that dressing in baggy clothes may make you think you look less fat but is completely wrong. Baggy clothes just add bulk to your body and do nothing for you. I have a hard time accepting this. I cannot stand clingy clothes. I keep thinking that my lumps and bumps are on display for everyone to see.

A few weeks ago I ordered two t-shirts from etsy. I ordered the first one in a 2XL. It's a comfortable t-shirt and I know I can wear it without any problems or feeling uncomfortable. I ordered a different t-shirt in an XL. I went back and forth about it, believe me, but finally figured why not. Turns out I was right. I wore that t-shirt on Tuesday for rehearsal and I felt fine in it. I didn't feel like it was too tight around my midsection or anything. In fact, while I love the 2XL t-shirt, I know I look better in the XL one. Looks like Stacey and Clinton were right. Bigger is not always better.


  1. Yay for NSVs! That was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome. Bigger clothes do not mask the chub! And it sounds like you have a solid plan of attach :)

  2. Wonderful NSV for sure and sounds like you have a better plan in place for the exercise and the food for next week! So glad your rehearsal went well too!

    I've always had a lot of comfort in baggy clothes, so it is a difficult adjustment to make, but I do find that I am buying more clothes that fit now than verses stuff to cover the fluff.

  3. I have a hard time with the fitted clothes thing too. Maybe it's a product of growing up in the 80's (BAGGY EVERYTHING!)

  4. Yay for only gaining 1.2 pounds. Bad weeks happen. I just had a bad month. Yuck! Sometimes it is so hard to find the time for running or health, I feel you but it seems like you are doing a great job on making it a priority!!! It took me a long time to start wearing more fitting and flattering clothes. I was so shocked when I tried on pants to discover I was two sizes smaller and now my pants actually looked good. Bigger is not always better ;-)