Monday, June 16, 2014

I Put Your Picture Away

For some reason this weekend felt really long. It felt long in the best of ways, really it did. It's just in thinking back over it we really did a ton of stuff this weekend. But, not so much stuff that we were overwhelmed by it.

What I'm saying is, this weekend was fabulous.

Friday night after the boys were in bed I made myself go for a run. It's so hard not to when the temp is downright spectacular and Hubs just wants to watch hockey. I left him with the DVR and off I went.

The sun was setting and made the tops of the trees look like Fall.

I really pushed myself during those miles. I always like to say I am going for a three mile run and then add more miles if my body feels like it. I whipped butt at the first three miles, then took it easy for the fourth mile. Two sub-twelve minute mile miles makes me happy!
11:29 hell yeah!
Saturday we took the boys to the park. We had the place to ourselves which is always great. The Guys are still a little small for the park so when there are big kids around they seem to think they are able to do the same things as the big kids. This means Mom and Dad do lots of chasing around and hovering which isn't fun for anyone.
A thinks he's ready for the rock wall. Please note, he is holding his juice cup in his other hand, so not really that ready.
As Hubs took this I said, "Just let me know if my butt looks fat." And he said, "Butt looks great. Although you look a little awkward."
Mama had to show A how to work the rock climbing wall. I think I'm a little big for it.

Sunday was Father's Day so J. got to sleep in. I made him breakfast, the boys gave him a gift certificate for a couple of rounds of golf and then we had a BBQ. J enjoyed himself which means successful Father's Day.

My Sparkle Skirt showed on on Saturday. I was so excited to wear it so I tried it on right then. My best friend was over (her husband was working on my van's brakes with my husband) so I modeled it for her. As soon as I put it on I was all, "Eek. It's a little short." To which she responded, "Aren't shorts supposed to be short?" And she's right. I wanted the skirt because I want to be as cool as possible as I run through the summer.

I didn't get a chance to really try it out until this morning. My requirements are pretty simple, I just want the shorts to stay in place and I don't want my inner thighs rubbing. If the shorts stay in place then the inner thighs shouldn't rub, right?

I wore a bright yellow tech shirt with this skirt. No one was going to miss me!
The shorts stayed in place! I was very aware of them as I am whenever I run in anything new. I am a fidgeter by nature and had to force myself not to tug on them when they didn't need tugging.

I LOVE the large zip pocket. It's technically at the front of the skirt, but I wore it backwards and had the pocket at the small of my back. My phone fit in it perfectly.

I ran for 3.5 miles this morning and I love the skirt! I'll test it out on some longer runs, but so far so good.

I also realized I don't have many short-sleeved tech shirts. I need to fix that ASAP. My run this morning was warm. It was 71 out but every now and then I would hit a pocket of warmth that reminded me summer was coming.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh wow! Great weekend! You crushed that run! Those splits look awesome.

    I am a fidgeter as well, I've been gun shy about running in shorts, and just picked up a few pairs this weekend. Going to try 'em out for the first time tonight actually.

    1. Good luck with your shorts! I really enjoyed the freedom.

  2. That skirt is *bright*! I always have a problem finding shorts that don't ride up :/ Oh, and Target is great for tech shirts for cheap!

    1. oooh, thanks for the tip. I will check out Target for sure!

  3. Wow awesome weekend indeed! And wow great run too!

  4. I have always wanted to try a running skirt. I love it! But then I am all about the sparkles!!! Shorts ALWAYS ride up on me. I am thinking compression shorts might not? I have big thighs and those girls like to rub, leaving me raw when I wear shorts but it gets over 100 here, too hot to not wear them some days.

    1. So far so good. I feel ya on the thighs rubbing. I sometimes wear cotton shorts under my skirts just to prevent that.
      These shorts stayed PUT and no rubbing so far so yay!