Monday, June 2, 2014

She Listens Like Spring and She Talks Like June/Monthly Goals/A Challenge For YOU

And May is finished.

With Memorial Day kind of early this year I actually felt like May was over last week. Anyone else?

Let's see what goals I set at the start of May and how I did.

May Goals
1. Run sixty miles. I am going to attempt the May Streaking Challenge ("We're going streaking! You, you can come, too. Wear your hat!") put on by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. If you don't click the link, it's basically a challenge to run or walk at least a mile everyday for the whole month.  
 I ran/walked 88.04 miles this month! That's my highest mileage month yet! And sure, a lot of those miles were walking, but they are miles and I am counting them!

2. Do thirty minutes of activity every day for the entire month of May. Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans is hosting a challenge for anyone who wants to do thirty minutes of activity a day. You have to be her friend on Map My Fitness. The rules are on her site, basically if you are active everyday for the month of May you're entered to win a prize. It's very casual and fun. Did you know the state of Colorado has a challenge to get people moving? How cool is that!

Well would you look at that?

I kicked May's butt!
3. Lose five pounds.
Close but no cigar. I lost three pounds this month. Not too shabby. I didn't win this month's weight loss challenge. My other girl friend is kicking butt which is awesome for her. She says she really needed this challenge to get her butt in gear.

4. Strength train three times a week.
I have read the studies. I KNOW that I need to strength train more, that strength training is important for weight loss. Yet, I still struggle to actually DO the strength training. I think I did better this month than previous months. Having the gym in the basement helps. Now I just need to really focus on it. You can do it, Meg!

5. Go down a dress size. I don't know if I shared this or not, but I bought a dress a few weeks ago and it was officially in Misses sizes, not plus-size. Of course, it was still a 16, but I'll take it!
 I haven't been shopping all month so I don't know if I am down a size or not. I do know I have tried on some of my old summer clothes, pre-pregnancy stuff, and not many of the size 16 and lower pants fit me. I have a lot of fat and extra skin around my middle still, thank you twin pregnancy. I don't see a difference there but I never see a difference there, not even before babies.

Funny, if no one read this blog I would still continue doing this just because of these monthly goal setting posts and my monthly recaps. Sometimes I get down on myself because I'm not losing the weight fast enough or because I didn't get up and run in the mornings as much as I think I should. Looking at my goals and seeing what I accomplished and what I need to work on really makes me feel good about myself.

So here are my June Goals:
1. Walk/Run 75 miles.
2. Strength train twice a week. TWICE A WEEK, MEG! If you can't find time to lift some weights and do some crunches TWICE A WEEK...well, you can, so just do it.
3. Lose five pounds.

And now...a Challenge For You!

I really enjoyed Streaking Through May. I had a lot of fun at it and on days when I didn't want to do anything, when I just KNEW I was too tired to do anything more than eat carbs and watch Food Network, the challenge got my butt off the couch and moving. And I always felt better after my walk or run.

So, I would like to extend that challenge out to YOU! Anyone who wants is free to join in. At the end of the month post a picture like I did of your month's worth of activity and I will choose one lucky person to win some stuff. Not sure what, but I know Target gift card will be involved (I love Target) and maybe some other fun stuff, like socks! Honestly, nothing too crazy this challenge is more for FUN and inspiration. I'll post weekly Streaking updates and you can post them too. I don't know how to do a link-up so I'll work on that.

Now let's all get out there and go streaking!


  1. Oh wow! You totally owned May! What program are you using that kicks out that calendar you posted?

    1. I use mapmyrun and then take a screen shot with my iPad.

    2. And thanks. There were days when I thought about being lazy but didn't want to mess up my streak.

  2. Wow you had a killer May! Sounds like June is going to be just as good! You can do this!

    1. Thanks! I was super excited to make it the whole month!

  3. I love socks :p I'm in on streaking. I'm currently aiming for streaking with at least 10,000 steps a day :)