Friday, June 27, 2014

Hot Town Summer in the City

Tomorrow I will run my June race of the month. It seems like it's been ages since I've run a race. And I guess it has been since I ran my May race at the start of May. Thankfully my leg has healed since then so I should be able to run without problems. I know one shouldn't hope for a PR when it's this warm out but you never know, right?

It's supposed to be 74 degrees and sunny and 76% humidity. I imagine it'll be a bit like running in the bathroom right after someone takes a hot shower. At least it's only 3.1 miles. I'm still dreading the 13.1 miles I got myself into in August. Who runs a half marathon in August? Idiots...idiots run 13.1 miles in the middle of summer.

I need to find a July race. I can't believe I am running my SEVENTH race of the year. I have never trained for this long, shoot never stuck with any sort of workout routine this long. At least not since high school and even then I would just train for swim season DURING swim season. There was no off season training for me; I was sixteen, svelte and was in it to hang out with my friends not win Olympic gold.

With tomorrow's projected temps and humidity on the warm side I have been all over my water intake today. Gotta keep hydrated!

I think I'll run with my handheld water bottle tomorrow, too. Better to have it with me than have to worry about where the water stop is. And there is a water stop, believe me I checked.

Enjoy your pre-holiday weekend! Is it already almost July?!?


  1. Water bottle idea sounds good. Make sure you hydrate good today too, which it sounds like you are! Humidity sucks. Our summer average is usually in the lower 90% range for humidity. I hate it.

  2. Have a great race!! Looking forward to hearing about it!

    Who runs a half in August? This girl!! ;) I actually have been asking myself the same question since April, lol. But who can resist a wine-themed run? NOT this girl. :p We should try to look for each other. Probably won't be hard, since I doubt there will be a record turnout for an August half-marathon!!

    Have fun tomorrow!!