Monday, June 30, 2014

Whatever Makes You Happy. Whatever You Want

I went into my 5K on Saturday knowing it was going to be hot and that I shouldn't push myself too hard. Running in the heat can be tough and no fun if not handled properly.

I did my best to hydrate my ass off on Friday and Saturday morning. Because I was getting two little people dressed before my race I actually forgot to eat until I was getting ready to leave the house. I mowed down a half a banana and called it breakfast.

Thankfully the starting line was around the corner from my house so I didn't have to rush to get there. Packet pick-up was easy. I got my bib and my t-shirt. Because I had walked I ended up stashing my t-shirt behind some bushes hoping it would still be there when the race was over (it was).

The start was very informal. We all lined up behind a spray painted line and waited for the race director to shoot the starting gun.
Lined up at the starting line

And then we were off. Like I said on Friday, I was familiar with the course. I ended up taking the first mile WAY too fast, like sub-11 minutes fast. I had to reel it in for the second mile.  I was also burping up lovely banana flavored burps. Note to self: Eat WAY before the race next time!

I ended up chatting with an adorable eight year old from about 1.5 miles to 2.5 miles. I needed to slow down and he was trucking along alternating between feeling awesome about his race and feeling ready to stop.

 The water stop was just before Mile 2 so that was nice. I also had my handheld water bottle. I'm glad I brought it. It seemed like a bit of an overkill but having it meant I wasn't DESPERATE for water by the time the water station rolled around, I was just thankful for it.

The last stretch from just past Mile 2 to the turn at Mile 3 was tough. I was hot and a bit overtired. There was a woman in a yellow shirt with her name on the back that I kept in my sights for the entire race. As we got closer to the finish and the turn I thought I could overtake her. We turned the corner and I could see the clock. It was at 35 minutes and change and I knew I would have to book it to finish with a PR.

I booked it, people. I passed the woman in the yellow shirt. I could tell it inspired her to try to move faster to keep me from passing her but I had a lot of oomph left in me, at least I was forcing that oomph out so she didn't have a chance.

Finish: 36:04.

Hell yeah, PR!

I grabbed a bottle of water, stuck around to watch my little buddy finish and then walked home. Being able to walk home from a 5K is pretty awesome, let me tell you.

The Guys were playing with my mom in the backyard when I got home. We got them all sunblocked up then headed back to where the race was to the pool. They spent a delightful hour exhausting themselves in the water.
Sleepy swimmers.
All that swimming can wear a guy out.


  1. Look at you and a shiny new PR! Way to go! Fantastic job and great job wearing the boys out too! :D

  2. Congrats on the awesome PR! Great race! And smart move to bring water. I take water on most runs in the summer! I get so thirsty and being hydrated is key! :)

    1. Thanks! I usually just carry it for long runs but it was HOT!

  3. Yay for a new PR! Love that the race was so close you could walk to it (and home).

    1. When it comes to travel, best race ever!

  4. Woo hooo! Sounds like an awesome race, and a PR to boot! The boys look so adorable sleeping in the stroller. I've always thought the hardest part of my training is dealing with a toddler when I get home from a hard effort!

    1. That is very, very true! I am lucky that I have two toddlers that occupy each other for the most part.

  5. Congratulations!! You did a great job and were rewarded for it--awesome!!