Monday, July 28, 2014

For One So Small, You Seem So Strong

As my mom said to me this morning, "Your shoes match and you look presentable. You're good."

We are both holding our shit together on the outside and freaking out on the inside.

My mom, bless her heart, went to mass yesterday because "extra prayers aren't going to hurt."

As you can tell, A.'s surgery is still on for tomorrow so it's clearly on my mind.

But, let's focus on something else!

We had a great weekend. I ran my July 5K with an old friend from high school. The next bits will be a quick review.

SterlingFast 5K Review
 The race started at 9:00AM. With it being July there was definitely potential for it to be hot. Luckily, we're having pockets of cool days and this one was great. The humidity was very low, the temps were in the 70's and there was a fantastic breeze.

It was a smallish race, maybe four hundred people, so packet pick-up was pretty easy. Both B. and I registered after the cut-off date for a guaranteed t-shirt but we both ended up with one which was always nice.

We had enough time to kill that we could walk back to our cars to drop off our t-shirts and bags.

Oh, and we also got a wrist band for a free beer at the end of the race. Fun!

B. and I both decided we would stick to about a 12:30/mile pace. This was a little fast for her and since I hadn't run since the previous Monday it was just about right for me.

Look at that slightly cloudy beautiful sky!
There were TWO water stops (obviously they were prepared in case it was HOT) which was great. The race started on a main road (the race was part of Sterlingfest, the city's festival, so the road was closed for that) and then after 1.25 miles, the course turned onto a paved nature trail.

The nature trail had one or two hills but nothing too steep. We powered through the toughest one and the photographer at the top cheered us on.

B. ended up with a PR! She asked to slow down about a quarter mile from the finish. As we rounded a corner a volunteer (all of them were very nice) told us we were almost as the finish. I was following it on my Map My Run app so I knew it was true. B. decided to power through so we picked up the pace. The finish was fun, we crossed a bridge and then there was the finish line. Woo-hoo!
After the race we joined a line of people and picked up our treats. There was PLENTY of food, even for those of us who finished towards the end. One thing I wish they had done was split the bagels in half. I wanted some sort of carb but not a whole bagel and B. didn't want one so I ended up throwing half out.

Then we joined the beer line which was nice and fast.I had my first summer shandy. They were really popular a few summers ago, but I was pregnant so I've never had one. It was good!

Overall I would give this race an A. The cost was right, the crowd was great, it was well supported. This is only the second year they've done this, too and you would never know it. I'll be doing it again next year for sure!

Official finish time: 37:27

I don't know where the last two-tenths of a mile went! And look at how well we did sticking to our pace!
After the 5K I was supposed to go to rehearsal. I wasn't absolutely needed there so I didn't go. I enjoyed the extra time with my boys. Since I won't see them much this week, I'm glad I did it. I also managed to grocery shop while they napped which was even better.

Hubs and I had date night Saturday night. We had dinner then went to his cousin's house for a small gathering.

 Between the 5K, not drinking enough water, and the two glasses of wine I had Saturday night I ended up with a screaming headache on Sunday. Unfortunately, Hubs had to work. Luckily, it was nice enough the boys could play outside for most of the day.

In honor of my part in Tarzan: The Musical I had to get the boys this for their cereal this week:
Kid tested, Kala approved
 I know this is very babbley but that's just where my brain is right now. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Hope the surgery goes well! Keep us updated if you have time.

  2. Wonderful weekend! Extra ((HUGS)) and support for tomorrow!

  3. Yay!!! Glad you both had a great run!

    You'll be in my prayers this week!

  4. Positive vibes coming your way for A's surgery!

  5. Sounds like an awesome race! You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow, keep us posted!

  6. Good luck with the surgery! Tubes made a huge difference for my sister and I don't remember her being effected much by the surgery.