Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shout Shout, Let It All Out

Tomorrow I will have a lovely post about this past month's goals and how I did with them and my August goals. Spoilers. I'm going to make my number one goal "don't pass out in my August half marathon".

Then we can also talk about the half marathon I am planning on tackling in September. It's the same one that kicked my ass in 2013 and got me back into running. I'm going to call this Meg Vs. The Women Run the D Half Marathon Part Deaux.

But, I will save more info on that for a latter day. (Thank you Book of Mormon)

Instead I will spout off some random things that I've been thinking or doing or plotting.

*My role in this show is that of a gorilla. I move like a gorilla, or more like a chimp since we walk upright, but with lots of squatting and kinda holding my body in a lowered position. Last night was the first night I have really done that for the whole show and my quads are sore. Workout in disguise yay!

*I had a glass of pink lemonade sparkling wine last night. It was fabulous and didn't even taste like alcohol which is not necessarily a good thing. It's from a local brewery so I will try it again next time I go.

*Of course during my week of non-running the weather has been perfect for running. Sigh.

*I have been drinking too much diet soda. But, with these late nights I have needed caffeine to get me through. Yet another thing I will have to reign in next week.

*I maybe had a bit of an Old Navy binge. $85 later and I've got some tank tops a hopefully cute dress and two pairs of jeans heading my way. I don't ever shop for jeans online but these were on sale so I am throwing caution to the wind. I'll let you know if it was worth it in 3-5 business days.

Something random going on with you?


  1. I'm randomly enough going camping this weekend with my, yay?

    Sounds like you have a lot going on!

  2. I love Old Navy binges. Maybe because they have some comfortable tanks and dresses. I have never tried their jeans though. The only time I worry about trying on jeans is when I am trying a new brand or style. I have never been a diet soda fan but I have been drinking too many Slurpees due to the hot weather. I love the idea of getting a secret workout.. great job!!!

  3. Oooh Old Navy binges are fun! And yay for Gorilla-type workouts!

    We are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow and then play some dnd with friends after. Oh and at some point watch Sharknado 2 off the dvr. We lead such exiting lives. :D