Thursday, August 7, 2014

David Duchovny Why Won't You Love Me?

I had my Non-Scale Victory yesterday so I linked that post up to KT J's link up. Go check them out. Gotta love a NSV, amiright?

Today is David Duchovny's birthday. According to imdb he is 54 years old. I had a gigantic crush on him when I was in high school. Yep, always had a thing for older men. Hubs is two years older than me so we're ok.

I was on fire yesterday. I took the Guys to the park by myself. And holy crap, they figured out how to climb the BIG structure. It's still on the small side, but it's higher than the other one and the only way to get up it is to use a ladder. They know how to use a ladder! I am in trouble. I really love that they are independent and fearless. Watching them get up that ladder, their chubby fingers grabbing on for dear life, freaked me out but I held it in. And when they successfully made it down the slide on their own I applauded for them. Yay independence!

At least it's better than them climbing the entertainment center which has been their new game since we've been stuck in the house because of rain.

I got sidetracked, sorry.

After the park I took the long way home and managed to get a little over a mile walk in. That plus the mile I walked on lunch is two more miles than I have walked any other day this week.

I also managed to lift some weights while watching So You Think You Can Dance. I gotta tell you, no one is really standing out to me. I know the judges love Ricky and I can't fault them he is a great dancer, but he doesn't really connect with me. I think I like Jacque the best, but that could be because I have always wanted to be a ballerina.

 And here I go, off on another tangent.

Summary: I got some movement in yesterday, burned some calories, cleaned my car, lifted weights, did some walking. The end.

And it's back to the jungle I go for the next four days. We have a brush up rehearsal tonight and then shows all weekend. Somehow I got invited to the cool kids party after the show tomorrow night. I feel like they really don't realize that I am old and have toddlers at home who will wake me up early on Saturday morning. I'll make an appearance at least since it was nice to be invited.


  1. Great job getting some movement in! You're work is going to be cut out for you when they start getting really advantageous!

    Good luck and have fun this weekend! Enjoy yourself at the after party!

  2. You are on fire!

    Also, you *are* a cool kid. Deal with it :)

  3. That is awesome! You got a lot of exercise in. That would be hard for me to let my kids be independent.. I am going to have to work on that when we have kids. Good luck this weekend. Have fun :)