Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gonna Dress You Up in My Love

I tend to avoid online shopping for a whole variety of reasons, but mostly because the people they show wearing the clothes online never ever look like me.

On Thursday, perhaps because I had a coupon or perhaps because I was feeling fat and frumpy and depressed about the upcoming show (it was a week, folks), I ended up buying a bunch of stuff from Old Navy.

I found some stuff on super sale (shirts for four dollars!) and stuff on sorta sale and figured what the hell. My problem was deciding what size to get. I got a dress from Old Navy this spring, and I love it. I bought a XXL and it is very big on me. Right now I pin the sleeves and wear a sweater over it and no on knows but it would be nice to wear it without the sweater.

So when shopping I found a cute dress and bought and XL. I also bought two pairs of jeans in a size 16. It was wishful thinking, I haven't really been a size 16 in many things lately. But, my current jeans look terrible on me and I needed something new.

After I purchased everything (the dress, two pairs of jeans, a tank top, a running tank top, a polo shirt and a t-shirt) I started to worry. I was 100% positive everything would be too small on me and I would look ridiculous.

Well, the clothes showed up yesterday.

And everything fits!

The dress is fantastic!

 I was afraid it would be too twee but I love it. The only problem is the back is low cut so my bra strap shows, the actual hook and eye part of the bra strap. Not sure what I can do about that. Any suggestions?

Both pairs of jeans fit. I  bought two different cuts and like one more than the other but THEY FIT!

Hubs is out of town for a few days for work so I can't go running in the mornings or evenings after the Guys are in bed. Last night I cleaned our bedroom which needed it desperately. After the fourth load of laundry (not kidding) I realized how much I had been slacking in that department. I also packed up a bag of summer stuff that I have not worn all summer and will not wear again. If I can't wear it or won't wear it, I'll donate it!

Tonight once the Guys are asleep I will clean out the minivan. Words cannot properly describe how awful the van is right now. I was basically living out of it last week, heading to rehearsal right from work, eating in it, all sorts of crap. It's hit up. I'll clean it all out tonight and then vacuum it on my lunch tomorrow.

I might not be running but I am sure planning on burning some calories!


  1. You are on a freaking roll! Go on with your bad self :) And super cute dress!

  2. Awesome about the clothes! And cleaning totally counts as calorie burn!