Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't You Know I'm Still Standing Better Than I Ever Did

I have horrible posture.

I know part of this comes from having a larger chest pretty much since puberty. Large chest + unwanted attention (seriously, I was accused of stuff my bra in the fifth grade) = slouching.

I also sit at a desk all day and I have recently begun to pay attention to how I am sitting. I cannot believe how crappy it is. When I notice it, at least this past week since it's been on my mind, I straighten up and I must add two inches to my seated heat. It's ridiculous.

It feels weird and unnatural to stand up straight with my shoulders back. It doesn't hurt, although I do feel my muscles working in different ways, even just sitting at my desk. But, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror yesterday and looked at myself all slouched over and then standing there with my shoulders back and it does make a difference.

I don't want to be a sloucher. I want to be the kind of woman who stands around with her shoulders back, chest out, size be damned, and is a presence in the room, not someone trying to disappear. I don't want to disappear. I'm not eleven years old with big boobs that I don't know what to do with any longer. It's time to stop acting like it.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Mama She Told Me Don't Worry About Your Size

I feel like dancing around like Rocky with my hands above my head because, people, I CRUSHED my mini-goals this week.

Here's what they were:

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/22/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. Well, you all know I did that since I was super excited about it on Thursday. I added a few more miles on Friday and took Saturday as a rest day. My grand total for the week was 14.7 miles.
2. Lose 1 pound.  Because I am doing Monday Mini-Goals I'm going to weigh-in Monday mornings. So how did I do? Lose one pound? How about 2.6 pounds?!?! Heck yeah!

I honestly feel like breaking down my weight loss to a weekly thing instead of a monthly thing has made all the difference in a world. Doing something, anything, for a week is doable. Watching what I eat for a week, walking everyday for a week, whatever, it makes it so much easier and far less overwhelming.

Plus, since I make the goal weekly, it's pretty fresh in my mind. There were a few times where I waffled and thought "maybe I don't want to walk on my lunch" but I remembered my goal and how close I was to breaking 12 miles so I walked.

Alright, I'm done patting myself on the back. Onto this week's goals.

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/26/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. I like this distance. I think 12 is doable but also challenging.
2. Lift weights three times.
3. Lose 1 pound.

I joined Jess' Rocktober Challenge. It's a Facebook thing which is great for me since I'm not as into Instagram and a lot of challenges I have been in use Instagram so it's hard for me to update. I only have Instagram on my iPad so I don't think to take pictures of stuff until I'm on Instagram and see other people's posts. The Rocktober Challenge is a private group so anything you post there won't be seen by your Facebook friends. Feel free to join!

And of course I will be all over Skinny Geek's and One Crazy Penguin's Halloween Challenge! Feel free to join them with me! They're doing a Facebook group, too. How fun!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Makes Me That Much Stronger, Makes Me Work a Little BIt Harder

I just had to share this since it's all official-like now:
Yep, that's me hitting my twelve mile mark on a Thursday. I might even break fifteen miles!

I also did my weight workout while watching the tail end of "The Biggest Loser". I realized why the show really bugs me. These people are weighed in weekly and some of them were putting in numbers like four or five pounds lost and were upset with it and told by their coaches they needed to do better. I get it, it's extreme weight loss and technically a game show, but this is absurd. How are these people going to be expected to gain anything from this? 

This weekend I am going to a bachelorette party. Last time I made the rounds to these kind of parties I was pregnant and had an excuse not to drink. This one will start out a little more low key so I should be able to duck out (thank god for having to relieve the baby-sitter) before the real shenanigans start.

And Sunday is football Sunday which I just love. Plenty of time to hang out with my guys. Go Lions!

Anything fun planned this weekend?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Face to Face, Out in the Heat, Hanging Tough, Staying Hungry

It is only Thursday and after my walk on lunch today I will have already met my Monday Mini-Goal of walking/running 12 miles this week.

Drops the mic and walks away.

Ha, not really.

Knowing I had this goal set up on Monday really got me motivated to get my miles in. I haven't run, something about getting up in the early AM lately has been tough, but I have walked on my lunch every day and walked in the evening. Last night, Hubs and the Guys and I all walked up to Trader Joe's to pick up some essentials for the boys like milk, eggies, and booberries. A. loves him some booberries.

It is .92 miles to Trader Joe's from our house.

The Map My Run app on my Android tends to suck my battery so instead of pausing it on an out and back trip like this one, I just save the info and then start a new workout for the walk back. Even then my oldish Android hates Map My run so I have run into some issues like my phone randomly shutting off in the middle of my walks. Sigh.

I did get this fun picture from yesterday's walk.
Praying mantis, right? It was big and if I was braver I would've but something next to it for comparison. But, I'm not that brave. In fact, I kept imaging it jumping at me while I was taking the picture.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name

Damn, Sleepy Hollow, how am I just now discovering you? I did a quick read up on Season 1 and figured I would give Season 2 a shot. Man, am I ever glad I did that. It's a really good show! And since the weight bench downstairs is now positioned in front of the t.v. I know I can make time to watch a 42 minute show (DVR no commercials).

I may need to try Hulu Plus for a month just so I can catch up on Season 1!

Anyone else watch the show? Thoughts?

It was a great distraction from my weight workout, that's for sure. In fact, I am pretty sure I did more reps than I normally would've because I was so engrossed.

And hello, eye candy! Tom Mison is hot! And funny! And charming! And man, I am 'shipping him and Abbie.

Whew. Sorry, got distracted there.

See, that's what happened last night? Add to it a nice plot, some humor, and some tension and I was able to lift weights for a good hour (I started watching Food Network). I can't wait to see what happens next!

I also recorded Gotham but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Anyone watch it? What did you think?

And oh yeah. A woman came into work yesterday, not a woman I work with, not someone who has ever met me, and asked me if I was pregnant. I was shocked and uncomfortable and didn't want to make her feel bad (although my friends were all "You should've smacked her!") so I fumbled for an answer and told her I had twin boys but wasn't pregnant any longer. Yep, I felt bad for HER. I don't know if she felt bad or just had no social cues because she kept digging and talking about it and saying how 18 months wasn't that long and it was OK to have weight hanging around.

My inner thoughts were along these lines:
"Just stop talking and leave."
"Ok, stop talking now."
"Go away."

And eventually she did.

I don't know why this surprised and hurt me. I know I have weight to lose. I know I am carrying extra weight in my belly. I guess it's having a random stranger recognize it and point it out to me.


Can we talk about Tom Mison again?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In Olden Days a Glimpse of Stocking Was Looked On As Something Shocking

Holy crap tap dancing is hard work!

I had my first ever tap class last night. It is by no means a beginner class. It's more like this woman does the choreography for the shows I have been doing and opened up her ADVANCED tap class to a few of us who wanted to try tap dancing for the first time.

There are three grown women and ten teenagers in this class. Guess which ones are the better tappers?

Thankfully the other women in the class are just as clueless as me. I am going to be spending some evenings messing around with You Tube, that is for sure.

It was very intimidating, a touch stressful, and a whole lotta fun.

Class didn't end until 9:40PM. Then I hung out with the ladies in the parking lot so I wasn't home until after ten. This put a bit of a damper on me getting up early for my run this morning. I will adjust and make up for it. No early morning runs on Tuesdays, got it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll Be By Your Side Forever More/Women Run the D 5K Race Recap

I'm one of those runners who has no problem running alone. I also don't mind running without music, unless it's for a really long run. Then I need music.

I went into the Women Run the D 5K with no plans. I wanted to finish strong and I wanted to finish happy.

Spoilers: I totally did both.

This 5K is part of a Half Marathon so there was a race expo on Saturday. I didn't go to it so I won't discuss it in this race recap. We'll start with race day stuff.

Packet Pick-Up
First, I should start with how much it sucks getting onto Belle Isle. It's an island (duh) so there was only one way to get onto the island. This meant that my plan that had me leave my house at 6:45AM to give me plenty of time to get to my Moms Run This Town meet-up at 7:15AM was completely shot to hell.

Because of the complete clusterfuck pain in the ass it was getting on the island, they delayed the start for both the Half and the 5K.

 The good news, this gave me plenty of time to get to the packet pick-up. I waited in line for a few minutes, then got my bib and my t-shirt which is super cool. I love the purple color! (Picture at the end)

After the packet pick-up I went back to my car and hung out for a bit, then back to the start. The 5K started in a different area than the half so as we all stood around we got to watch the half marathoners run past us when they started after 8:30AM, almost a half hour late.

The Start
There was construction that started early so the race was switched to a wave start at the last minute. we got an email from the race director the day before the race telling us this so I wasn't surprised by it. However, they didn't do a very good job of reminding people of this and telling us WHERE to start. Plus, the email said three waves and we started in two which confused me.
The half marathoners running behind me. And way behind them the Detroit skyline!
Just before the start a woman noticed me standing by myself and we started chatting, she was also by herself. She asked me my PR time and I told her around 36 minutes. Hers was around 38 so she asked me if we could run together.

We ended up starting about seven minutes after the first wave and about forty minutes late.

I wish there was something they could do about the traffic situation. I think it's just something we'll have to deal with. Ah well.

The Race
The course was flat and fast, my kinda course. There was a water station just after mile one. Unfortunately, the person handing out "water" was actually handing out water with Nuun in it. This wasn't a big deal for me as a 5K racer, but if I was running the half there's no way I would've tried something new during a race and I might have been upset if I ended up with an unexpected mixed water. Just needed more clarification on who had water and who had water with Nuun.

Other than that, the course was great. It was windy day but the views were great. I tried to talk with my running partner as much as possible. She started to get tired but didn't want to stop so I pushed her though it.

The Finish
S., the woman I was running with, was having a rough bit at the end. Somehow she dug deep and managed to sprint the last tenth of mile so good for her. 

There were lots of people hanging out at the finish. We got our medals as soon as we crossed the line and then were directed to turn right immediately and head away from the finish line towards the food and water. There was a chute so it was easy to follow but I think it kept getting backed up as people finished because I could hear someone yelling announcing "Runners please clear the finish area when you cross the finish line.". I split from my running partner and headed to my car.

Finish time: 38:03
Finish place: 320 of 762

Right in the middle, just how I like it! It wasn't a PR for me, but S. PRed which was great. Gotta love meeting a random stranger on race day and helping them to a PR.

I would absolutely run this one again. Since I ran the first year they did this one, I would really like to continue running it again and again. I have high hopes that next year I'll be in better training mode and be able to run the half marathon. I still need to conquer that one to get over my crap race from the first year.
Sparkly medal and awesome shirt!
And now for something completely different.

I didn't post Monday Mini Goals last week because I was in New York. I did have one and that was to drink my water and get at least ten miles in. I didn't think I would be able to, but I figured I would track my steps during my airport trips and dang, thank goodness I traveled to some large airports.

I walked and ran a total of 12.1 miles last week. Woot!

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/22/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles.
2. Lose 1 pound.

I am kicking butt at my water so much so that I feel like it's becoming a habit and less of something I need to make a mini goal about so I won't add it to my list.

This week I start a tap class (for adult beginners), audition for a winter show and have a bachelorette party this weekend. Busy bee that's me!

What are your mini goals?

Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm a Leaf on the Wind

I run my September Race O' The Month this weekend. I'm excited about it. Mostly I am super excited that I switched from the Half Marathon to the 5K. What a relief!

My Moms Run This Town chapter will be meeting up before the race for a big group picture.  A lot of the women are running the 5K so hopefully I'll have someone to run with. The race is the Women Run the D Half Marathon and 5K. It's a woman-centric race which I always like. This is the half marathon that beat my butt last year and got me started running again. I am thankful for that.

I checked out the weather and it's supposed to be stormy and in the 60's. This made me think...I have been SUPER lucky when it comes to race day weather for about 95% of my races. I ran in some super cold temps and through one snowstorm but for the most part it has ALWAYS been perfect weather. I guess that trend had to stop eventually. Here's hoping it at least stays dry!

I have my October race all set, the last in the Thirsty Three series that I started back in May. This one is a 10K and the finishers get hard cider, yum! It's been a fun series, but after doing these races I realize that this particular company really, really likes hilly courses. And, surprise surprise, I really, really DISLIKE hilly courses. At least I know this now and can plan for next year. There was a HUGE turnout for the series, sold out races every time kind of turnout. I enjoyed them because I had a great running partner but I doubt I will do the series next year. Gotta change it up, right?

I've actually been pondering my 2015 goals. I've really enjoyed the one race a month and sticking with 5K's with a few half marathons thrown in there seemed to work. I think I'll aim for a third half marathon next year and aim on training better for any half marathon I run.

And I would love to volunteer for more races. And maybe run in some of the races I volunteered for last year.

I know, it's September, I may be getting ahead of myself here. But, it's fun to ponder.

For now I will focus on a great race on Sunday.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Just Another Day For You and Me in Paradise

I'm baaaack!

Woo hoo, right?

I know you missed me. Guess what? I missed you!

I had a wonderful time with my best friend and her husband. I missed my own guys like crazy pants, believe you me. Oh man, you know you miss your kiddos when you gaze longingly at a restaurant high chair.

L. is a pastry chef and had a lovely box of homemade goodies waiting for me at her house. Thankfully I did not eat them all. I did manage to taste everything over the course of my stay but I did not shovel it into my mouth like a starving person. I showed restraint.
Macaron, cheesecakes, flourless tortes, yum!
We did some hiking, some shopping and lots of catching up and visiting. We drove to Burlington, Vermont and checked out the Magic Hat Brewer and the Ben and Jerry's Factory tour so I got to check that state off my State List. Exciting stuff. The Ben and Jerry's stuff kinda stunk. Our tour guide was terrible. Ah well.

I got home last night with just enough time to give the Guys their bath and get some snuggle time in. Hubs and I caught up on a show or two and then I went to bed.

And wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles I got up this morning and went for a run!
I would have had more mileage in there but I sat on my porch for a good five minutes waiting for my Map My Run app to kick in. I need to do something about that.

Oh yeah and while I was sitting on the porch waiting for the app, a raccoon came strolling around the corner. It froze, I made a fun squeak/scream gargling sound and it took off. Eek.

Seriously, setting my alarm for after 6AM made all the difference in the world. I didn't feel like I was dragging myself out of bed, I was pumped and READY to get up. What a difference fifteen minutes makes. So I'm not getting crazy mileage in. Who cares? I'm moving and that's what matters. It's not like I'm training for a marathon here!

I am catching up on my blog reading so if you see comments on your old posts, you'll know why.

Hope everyone's week is going well!

Friday, September 12, 2014

But I'm Taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line

I am going on a mom vacation next week!

I'm super excited to go and visit my best friend and also super sad to leave my boys for four days. I leave late enough that I should see them before I leave and should hopefully get home early enough to put them to bed the day I get back. Mom planning! It's tough to be torn in two directions. Right now I am focusing on how much fun I am going to have with my best friend.

L. is a pastry chef at a resort in upstate New York. Her husband, M, is also a chef. We've already discussed meals. Staying with two chefs for four days means I'm going to have to make sure I get in time to workout. Thankfully I am flying Southwest so my checked baggage is free. I will load up on workout clothes.

Hubs has hockey tonight and a golf outing tomorrow so I'll have to squeeze my packing and getting ready in between naps and bedtime. I can do it. I have juggled lots of things like that before.

I am super excited. And sad. And excited. Let's just be excited!

Have an excellent weekend! I will blog all about my trip when I get back.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

There's No Load I Can't Hold, Road So Rough This I Know

I have this weird mental block with getting up before 6:00AM. I know, I know if you have to get up that early for work feel free to kick me in the shins. I used to work at a job that started at 9:00AM so getting up before 8AM was hard for me. Oh those were the days...

I set my alarm to get up and run but I just can't drag myself out of bed. It's so early!

I managed to get up slightly earlier this morning. I put the coffee on, threw on my running kit (I love the British term for gear) and headed out the door for a fast mile.
It's not my fastest mile ever, but it's certainly up there and I'm happy with it. Sure, I only got a ten minute workout in this morning but it's better than nothing amiright?

I figure if I go for my walk on lunch and walk with the Guys after dinner to the park then I'll be close to three miles. And in checking the weather it looks like it should be nice enough for us to go to the park so yay to that!

Monday, September 8, 2014

When I Look at the Television I Wanna See Me Staring Right Back at Me

Are you ready for some football?!?!

Yay for the NFL season starting! I have my first official Fantasy Football team. It was a free team, winner gets cookies baked by the team commissioner. Works for me!

I also officially won my first fantasy football game so that's pretty cool. Go Marshawn Lynch!

We had a wicked storm rip through our area on Friday night. A branch fell off our neighbor's tree and onto the power line that leads to our house. We have half power right now, our bedrooms have power, so we're able to keep the fridge running which is good.

We do have to do things like dishes by candlelight:
Laura Ingalls Wilder used Yankee Candles when she did dishes, right?

A lot of people don't have any power at all which means we are on the bottom of the list when it comes to repairs. It's ok, we've got a fridge and a t.v. and the boys' sound machine. The boys can't play in the yard right now which sucks but it's ok. We are OK!

I kicked butt with my mini goals last week.

Last week's Monday's Mini Goals:

1. Drink 100 ounces of water a day. NAILED IT! I kept track of my water with check marks on washi tape on my water cup. Worked out great. Only day I sorta struggled was Friday, but even then I got in my water. Some days I drank an extra cup of water! Woo-hoo!
2. No soda, diet or otherwise, unless it's a special occasion (going out to eat or a party, etc)
NAILED IT! No diet soda for me at all all week long. I even turned down some soda. PLUS, we went out to eat a few times with the whole no power thing and I just got water. YEAH I DID!
So now for this week.

Monday's Mini Goals
1. Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
2. Run or walk at least ten miles. This is possible. I like to walk on my lunch when it's nice out and it's supposed to be nice all week. I walk at least a mile so that puts me at five miles. Throw in a handful of runs and I've got this! Keeping it simple.

Any mini goals for the week?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm Sorry I'm Not Home Right Now I'm Walking Into Spiderwebs

As soon as I let go of my half marathon plans a mental block opened up for me and I actually went for a run this morning.

Sure, I tried to talk myself out of it.

Me: So tired. Stop going off alarm. Sleepy time.
Active Me: Get your ass out of bed. The extra thirty minutes of sleep you are about to get is not going to be better than a run.
Me: No. Tired. Sleep.
Active Me: GET. UP. NOW. Just get up and go run for thirty-five to forty minutes at whatever pace you want and whatever distance you want. But, get up and go out there.
Me: Fine.

I ended up running negative splits, which was awesome. And got in over three miles, which was also awesome. Without the looming cloud of "holy shit I have to beat my previous half marathon time I can do this" hanging over my head it was much easier for me to run for the sake of running.
Hey sub 12:00 minute mile!
I also managed to do some high intensity sprints during my runs. Gotta work on that calorie burn, right?

I don't listen to music so I sometimes get random bits of songs stuck in my head while I run. Today it was a phrase. Every time I started doing a bit of sprinting my brain locked onto HIIT and I would mentally say, "High Intensity Interval Training" over and over again. Weird, right? I should start listening to music when I run.

I also turned down a Diet Mountain Dew this morning. Score one for me! I have fantastic co-workers and one of them was running out to a convenience store and asked if I wanted anything. I usually get one when he offers and then I save it for lunch. Not today, my friends. Take that GYSTS14!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Run Running All the Time

I had plans to run a half marathon on the 21st. I wanted to beat the crap out of the half marathon that had beaten me down a year ago. I am positive I can run that half marathon. And also positive that I could do better than I did last year. I am also a realist and I don't want to burn myself out or hurt myself or do anything stupid.

I switched my registration from a half marathon to a 5K.

And I am a-OK with that.

I've had a hard time going for runs. Life has gotten in the way and being tired hasn't helped. Getting up in the morning is just not appealing to me so I have to run at night. Hubs went to a concert last night so running wasn't an option. I did squats and push-ups while I watched t.v. instead. Not the best plan, but better than nothing.

And not going for a run made me realize that I really, really don't want to run 13.1 miles in three weeks.

I don't want to say I am burnt out with running. I'm not. I love running, at least I love running after the first mile. But, I'm kinda tired of training. I think I might join a gym with a pool so I can run or bike or swim or do the elliptical if I want. We'll see what the budget has to say about that. I just want to be able to run when I want to instead of run when I HAVE to.

A little part of me feels like a quitter. But a bigger part of me realizes, damn girl, you've already run TWO half marathons this year and five 5K's, cut yourself some slack.

Cutting slack, here goes.

My Get Your Sh!t Together September '14 Goals are going well. Sure, I'm only into Day 2 here but whatever, I feel good about it. Mini goals are the key. Mini goals. Mini goals. If I say it often enough I will believe it!

#GYSTS14. My water cup that I have marked up to make sure I drink my water during the day. I get a check mark for each full cup I drink. Goal is five of these a day. Day 1 was a success!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey/GYSTS14

Ok, August was a bust. A big, fat bust. The epic Basement Flood of 2014 pretty much ruined my chances of getting any good workouts in. Thanks for that, sewage. I have high hopes Hubs will get things set up sometime this week. Mama needs her weights!

Here were my goals:
1. Make it through the Running the Vines Half Marathon in less than three hours.
Well, at least I finished within the time constraints. I learned a lot about myself from that one so there is that.
2. Walk/run at least 60 miles.
30.03 miles. Seriously, that's all I ran last month. That's terrible. I'd like to blame the epic flood but really it was mostly laziness and the flood. At least part of it was the flood.
3. Lose three pounds.
Ha. Ha. Ha. I gained three pounds. Yep.
4. Run at least three times a week.

Well...ok, so there's no excuse for that.

I am not going to let my crappy August get me down! I can't!

I made a point of going out for a run last night. By the time the boys were in bed and I was ready to go it was almost nine and it was dark. I figured I would run whatever I felt like but would at least run a mile away from the house so no matter what I would get in two miles.

What I failed to do was check the humidity. My god, the humidity. It was at 82% last night during my run. My sweat wasn't evaporating, it just clung to my skin like an extra layer of clothing. After struggling through the first mile I threw in the towel and headed home. Ended up with a 2.3 mile run. Not the best ever, but certainly not my worst.

September, I am going to kick your butt!

September Goals
1. Run three times a week
2. Beat my previous Detroit Women's Half Marathon Time (Previous time 3:25:39)

Now I know one of my problems is I post my monthly goals then promptly forget about them so I'm going to start doing Monday Goals and post goals for myself for the week. I know it's Tuesday but yesterday was Labor Day so I'll still make today's goals Monday Goals.

Here are my Monday Mini Goals for the week of 9/1/14
1. Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
2. No soda, diet or otherwise, unless it's a special occasion (going out to eat or a party, etc)

This is all a part of Ash's Get Your Sh*t Together September 2014. Pop on over to her blog to join in on the fun. I always do better when I've got tons of support. True story.