Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey/GYSTS14

Ok, August was a bust. A big, fat bust. The epic Basement Flood of 2014 pretty much ruined my chances of getting any good workouts in. Thanks for that, sewage. I have high hopes Hubs will get things set up sometime this week. Mama needs her weights!

Here were my goals:
1. Make it through the Running the Vines Half Marathon in less than three hours.
Well, at least I finished within the time constraints. I learned a lot about myself from that one so there is that.
2. Walk/run at least 60 miles.
30.03 miles. Seriously, that's all I ran last month. That's terrible. I'd like to blame the epic flood but really it was mostly laziness and the flood. At least part of it was the flood.
3. Lose three pounds.
Ha. Ha. Ha. I gained three pounds. Yep.
4. Run at least three times a week.

Well...ok, so there's no excuse for that.

I am not going to let my crappy August get me down! I can't!

I made a point of going out for a run last night. By the time the boys were in bed and I was ready to go it was almost nine and it was dark. I figured I would run whatever I felt like but would at least run a mile away from the house so no matter what I would get in two miles.

What I failed to do was check the humidity. My god, the humidity. It was at 82% last night during my run. My sweat wasn't evaporating, it just clung to my skin like an extra layer of clothing. After struggling through the first mile I threw in the towel and headed home. Ended up with a 2.3 mile run. Not the best ever, but certainly not my worst.

September, I am going to kick your butt!

September Goals
1. Run three times a week
2. Beat my previous Detroit Women's Half Marathon Time (Previous time 3:25:39)

Now I know one of my problems is I post my monthly goals then promptly forget about them so I'm going to start doing Monday Goals and post goals for myself for the week. I know it's Tuesday but yesterday was Labor Day so I'll still make today's goals Monday Goals.

Here are my Monday Mini Goals for the week of 9/1/14
1. Drink 100 ounces of water a day.
2. No soda, diet or otherwise, unless it's a special occasion (going out to eat or a party, etc)

This is all a part of Ash's Get Your Sh*t Together September 2014. Pop on over to her blog to join in on the fun. I always do better when I've got tons of support. True story.


  1. I like the mini goals idea! Sorry August was a bust (no pun intended about those pipes..)

    1. Right? Figure I can keep myself accountable for a week!

  2. I am so happy fall has unofficially arrived. My August was nothing stellar either. I agree the mini goals are great. Look out September, Meg is going to dominate!