Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll Be By Your Side Forever More/Women Run the D 5K Race Recap

I'm one of those runners who has no problem running alone. I also don't mind running without music, unless it's for a really long run. Then I need music.

I went into the Women Run the D 5K with no plans. I wanted to finish strong and I wanted to finish happy.

Spoilers: I totally did both.

This 5K is part of a Half Marathon so there was a race expo on Saturday. I didn't go to it so I won't discuss it in this race recap. We'll start with race day stuff.

Packet Pick-Up
First, I should start with how much it sucks getting onto Belle Isle. It's an island (duh) so there was only one way to get onto the island. This meant that my plan that had me leave my house at 6:45AM to give me plenty of time to get to my Moms Run This Town meet-up at 7:15AM was completely shot to hell.

Because of the complete clusterfuck pain in the ass it was getting on the island, they delayed the start for both the Half and the 5K.

 The good news, this gave me plenty of time to get to the packet pick-up. I waited in line for a few minutes, then got my bib and my t-shirt which is super cool. I love the purple color! (Picture at the end)

After the packet pick-up I went back to my car and hung out for a bit, then back to the start. The 5K started in a different area than the half so as we all stood around we got to watch the half marathoners run past us when they started after 8:30AM, almost a half hour late.

The Start
There was construction that started early so the race was switched to a wave start at the last minute. we got an email from the race director the day before the race telling us this so I wasn't surprised by it. However, they didn't do a very good job of reminding people of this and telling us WHERE to start. Plus, the email said three waves and we started in two which confused me.
The half marathoners running behind me. And way behind them the Detroit skyline!
Just before the start a woman noticed me standing by myself and we started chatting, she was also by herself. She asked me my PR time and I told her around 36 minutes. Hers was around 38 so she asked me if we could run together.

We ended up starting about seven minutes after the first wave and about forty minutes late.

I wish there was something they could do about the traffic situation. I think it's just something we'll have to deal with. Ah well.

The Race
The course was flat and fast, my kinda course. There was a water station just after mile one. Unfortunately, the person handing out "water" was actually handing out water with Nuun in it. This wasn't a big deal for me as a 5K racer, but if I was running the half there's no way I would've tried something new during a race and I might have been upset if I ended up with an unexpected mixed water. Just needed more clarification on who had water and who had water with Nuun.

Other than that, the course was great. It was windy day but the views were great. I tried to talk with my running partner as much as possible. She started to get tired but didn't want to stop so I pushed her though it.

The Finish
S., the woman I was running with, was having a rough bit at the end. Somehow she dug deep and managed to sprint the last tenth of mile so good for her. 

There were lots of people hanging out at the finish. We got our medals as soon as we crossed the line and then were directed to turn right immediately and head away from the finish line towards the food and water. There was a chute so it was easy to follow but I think it kept getting backed up as people finished because I could hear someone yelling announcing "Runners please clear the finish area when you cross the finish line.". I split from my running partner and headed to my car.

Finish time: 38:03
Finish place: 320 of 762

Right in the middle, just how I like it! It wasn't a PR for me, but S. PRed which was great. Gotta love meeting a random stranger on race day and helping them to a PR.

I would absolutely run this one again. Since I ran the first year they did this one, I would really like to continue running it again and again. I have high hopes that next year I'll be in better training mode and be able to run the half marathon. I still need to conquer that one to get over my crap race from the first year.
Sparkly medal and awesome shirt!
And now for something completely different.

I didn't post Monday Mini Goals last week because I was in New York. I did have one and that was to drink my water and get at least ten miles in. I didn't think I would be able to, but I figured I would track my steps during my airport trips and dang, thank goodness I traveled to some large airports.

I walked and ran a total of 12.1 miles last week. Woot!

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/22/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles.
2. Lose 1 pound.

I am kicking butt at my water so much so that I feel like it's becoming a habit and less of something I need to make a mini goal about so I won't add it to my list.

This week I start a tap class (for adult beginners), audition for a winter show and have a bachelorette party this weekend. Busy bee that's me!

What are your mini goals?


  1. September Race - check :) I am super impressed and inspired by your Race a Month plan. We are on that track - my husband has done June, July, August and September (2). I've done June, July, September. Time to pick an October race and I am considering a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. My mini goal for this week is to get my beak stapled close :) Okay, okay, I am working on a more reasonable mini-goal. The last one I posted has been an epic fail.

    1. Oh I know the feeling. I hate when I make a bad decision and make it willingly. Like, I know this is a bad idea but I am going to eat these chips anyway. Sigh.
      Go you and your monthly races! It's fun!

  2. Blerg I thought I commented on this but apparently nope! D'oh! Woot great great job! I love those mini goals!

  3. i Love race recaps!! Always so fun. Great job!! Keep it up, I like how to take things little by little--those end up the biggest in the end!