Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name

Damn, Sleepy Hollow, how am I just now discovering you? I did a quick read up on Season 1 and figured I would give Season 2 a shot. Man, am I ever glad I did that. It's a really good show! And since the weight bench downstairs is now positioned in front of the t.v. I know I can make time to watch a 42 minute show (DVR no commercials).

I may need to try Hulu Plus for a month just so I can catch up on Season 1!

Anyone else watch the show? Thoughts?

It was a great distraction from my weight workout, that's for sure. In fact, I am pretty sure I did more reps than I normally would've because I was so engrossed.

And hello, eye candy! Tom Mison is hot! And funny! And charming! And man, I am 'shipping him and Abbie.

Whew. Sorry, got distracted there.

See, that's what happened last night? Add to it a nice plot, some humor, and some tension and I was able to lift weights for a good hour (I started watching Food Network). I can't wait to see what happens next!

I also recorded Gotham but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Anyone watch it? What did you think?

And oh yeah. A woman came into work yesterday, not a woman I work with, not someone who has ever met me, and asked me if I was pregnant. I was shocked and uncomfortable and didn't want to make her feel bad (although my friends were all "You should've smacked her!") so I fumbled for an answer and told her I had twin boys but wasn't pregnant any longer. Yep, I felt bad for HER. I don't know if she felt bad or just had no social cues because she kept digging and talking about it and saying how 18 months wasn't that long and it was OK to have weight hanging around.

My inner thoughts were along these lines:
"Just stop talking and leave."
"Ok, stop talking now."
"Go away."

And eventually she did.

I don't know why this surprised and hurt me. I know I have weight to lose. I know I am carrying extra weight in my belly. I guess it's having a random stranger recognize it and point it out to me.


Can we talk about Tom Mison again?


  1. I would have smacked her so fast and so hard, she wouldn't have known what hit her. Boo on terrible people with no social cues. Not cool. On a good note, way to kill your workout! I love having my bike trainer because now I can indulge in all my guilty pleasure TV shows AND get my workout in!

  2. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Geez, I hate that. I'm so so so sorry. Maybe she felt a twinge of guilt and will no longer 'assume'. (You know what the say when you assume.. it makes an ass out of u and me) hahaha. I digress....
    I've not watched Sleepy Hollow. I did watch the first episode but then I got indignant about the fact that Ichibod Crane was not skinny nor a teacher and I promptly stopped watching it. Maybe one day I'll give it a try again.

    I did dvr Gotham but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.