Monday, September 29, 2014

My Mama She Told Me Don't Worry About Your Size

I feel like dancing around like Rocky with my hands above my head because, people, I CRUSHED my mini-goals this week.

Here's what they were:

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/22/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. Well, you all know I did that since I was super excited about it on Thursday. I added a few more miles on Friday and took Saturday as a rest day. My grand total for the week was 14.7 miles.
2. Lose 1 pound.  Because I am doing Monday Mini-Goals I'm going to weigh-in Monday mornings. So how did I do? Lose one pound? How about 2.6 pounds?!?! Heck yeah!

I honestly feel like breaking down my weight loss to a weekly thing instead of a monthly thing has made all the difference in a world. Doing something, anything, for a week is doable. Watching what I eat for a week, walking everyday for a week, whatever, it makes it so much easier and far less overwhelming.

Plus, since I make the goal weekly, it's pretty fresh in my mind. There were a few times where I waffled and thought "maybe I don't want to walk on my lunch" but I remembered my goal and how close I was to breaking 12 miles so I walked.

Alright, I'm done patting myself on the back. Onto this week's goals.

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/26/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. I like this distance. I think 12 is doable but also challenging.
2. Lift weights three times.
3. Lose 1 pound.

I joined Jess' Rocktober Challenge. It's a Facebook thing which is great for me since I'm not as into Instagram and a lot of challenges I have been in use Instagram so it's hard for me to update. I only have Instagram on my iPad so I don't think to take pictures of stuff until I'm on Instagram and see other people's posts. The Rocktober Challenge is a private group so anything you post there won't be seen by your Facebook friends. Feel free to join!

And of course I will be all over Skinny Geek's and One Crazy Penguin's Halloween Challenge! Feel free to join them with me! They're doing a Facebook group, too. How fun!


  1. Wooohooo! Girl I have vision of you in grey sweat suit with a 80s headbead on dancing around to "Gonna Fly Now". You ROCKED this week! way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay! Glad you are onboard with the challenge!

  2. Heck yeah! This challenge is going to rock! And way to go with the 2.6 pound loss. You're awesome :)

    1. Thanks! I am super excited for the challenge!