Thursday, September 11, 2014

There's No Load I Can't Hold, Road So Rough This I Know

I have this weird mental block with getting up before 6:00AM. I know, I know if you have to get up that early for work feel free to kick me in the shins. I used to work at a job that started at 9:00AM so getting up before 8AM was hard for me. Oh those were the days...

I set my alarm to get up and run but I just can't drag myself out of bed. It's so early!

I managed to get up slightly earlier this morning. I put the coffee on, threw on my running kit (I love the British term for gear) and headed out the door for a fast mile.
It's not my fastest mile ever, but it's certainly up there and I'm happy with it. Sure, I only got a ten minute workout in this morning but it's better than nothing amiright?

I figure if I go for my walk on lunch and walk with the Guys after dinner to the park then I'll be close to three miles. And in checking the weather it looks like it should be nice enough for us to go to the park so yay to that!


  1. Ah great job. Getting up early this week has not been in the cards for me. It's sooooo hard /whine
    Ok important question. Tom Cochrine's version or the stupid country version?

    1. Whine is right! I internally whine a lot most mornings.

  2. Something is better than nothing! And look at you, speedy :)

  3. I have SLACKED this entire week..I hope it happens to us all.
    Great job :)
    (Ps- do you have twins?)

    1. Good luck getting moving.
      And yep, I have twin boys. They'll be two in December. I take it you have twins, too (judging by the blog name lol)