Friday, October 31, 2014

Whatever Happened to My Transylvania Twist?

Here is a new rule:

Anytime you get less than six hours of sleep but still manage to get up for a run in the morning you automatically burn three times your normal calories. This happens because you have to work that much harder to just get out of bed.

I went out for some drinks with friends last night. Had one cider and it hit me hard. I didn't have dinner and I was slacking on my water so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

This morning I actually felt hungover and there was a time or two during my three mile run that I thought I would throw up. I did not. But, I felt like it. Stupid cider.

And hey, today is October 31st, which means I survived my Stay Away From Tricks and Treats Challenge. Let's take a quick peek back and see what my goals were:

1. No Halloween candy.
Nailed it! I made Hubs hide the boys candy from our zoo trick or treating to avoid temptation. Oh man, when I eat a Reese's pb cub when I get home it is going to be delicious!

2. Win my Diet Bet (Haven't joined yet but will by Friday)
Another nailed it! Weighed in this morning one pound less than I needed to be. Woo hoo! I still need Hubs to take a full body shot of me so I can submit it but I am super proud of this.

3. Strength training three days a week.
Cue sad trombone. I did alright with strength training and then stopped. Rehearsal has kinda screwed with my regular weight sessions so I will figure out a new schedule.

4. Start back with morning workouts
I would like to thank the amazing women in this Challenge group for the inspiration to do this. Seriously, one of them gets up before 5:00AM to run! If she can do that, then I can certainly get up at 5:45AM. I didn't realize how much I missed morning runs until I started doing them again. And I'm so glad it's back to being a part of my routine!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy your candy and your weekend and be safe!

Just remember:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It Was a One Eyed One Horned Flyin' Purple People Eater

I know I keep talking about the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats group I belong to, but I cannot stop. I can't help it. It's so wonderful to have a supportive and fun group of women who just get it, get the journey, get the cravings, get the "I just want to wear my pjs don't make me work out" feelings. I mean, come on, we text each other to make sure we are getting out of bed early enough to wokr how. How can you beat that? I love them all!

With all the different posts from the group keeping me very aware of my activity and my eating I realized something.

If it's not something I really, really want to eat then I'm not going to eat it.

Cue dramatic music!

Last week, my mother-in-law brought over an apple crumble for dessert. I had run five miles that day so I was feeling really good. For some reason, the dessert didn't really appeal to me. So I passed on it. She left some for Hubs and I to have later and even after I tasted a bit of it I realized I didn't want it. I was not going to eat that dessert. I wasn't going to eat it because it was there, I was simply not going to eat it. Hubs ended up eating it.

Now I have always known that I am more of a salty snacker than a sweet snacker so I tried something this week. The Guys got a couple of snack bags of Doritos at the trick or treat event we went to on Sunday. I avoided them for a while then looked at the calories on the bag and realized at 140 calories a bag, I could eat one of those as a snack and still be OK with my calorie goal. So I did. I had a bag yesterday with my breakfast (weird, I know but a turkey sandwich after a morning run always tastes so yummy to me) and I was fine. I didn't eat all three bags at once. I enjoyed the serving size, it was enough for me.

That's the thing, the big epiphany, the big idea. It's OK to eat something that is maybe not the best thing in the world for you. It's all about moderation. Want a piece of cheesecake? Eat a piece of cheesecake. But just eat ONE piece of cheesecake. Just eat ONE snack size bag of Doritos. People do that. Skinny people or just people who are not watching their weight or trying to lose weight, those people eat junk food. And they don't get fat. Sure there are factors like metabolism in effect here, but there are also factors where maybe those people aren't like me where they eat when they are bored or stressed. That's the kind of eating I need to watch.

Today I turned down a donut at work. Not because I am afraid eating it will send me down a slippery slope of eating everything in sight, but because I don't even really like donuts. If I am going to have something like that, I would much rather have a snack size bag of Doritos.

This is big for me. This is the kind of mental breakthrough I really need. Thanks ladies in Stay Away From Tricks and Treats. You really are the best. Looking forward to next month!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

He's Gone When I'm Awake But He Shows Up When I'm Asleep

I honestly cannot believe that I went ahead and set my alarm ten minutes earlier than my already early run time. I wanted to get in four miles this morning and figured that would give me enough time. It did, 4.05 miles woot woot.

Seriously, who is this weirdo that has taken over my body and decided to be all healthy and crap? I didn't stop for fast food last night, even though I was starving after rehearsal. I have avoided my sons' Halloween candy like the plague. I have been making healthy eating choices. And I got up WAY earlier than I had to to go for a run.

Have I been abducted by the healthy pod people?!?

I got to try out my new leggings today. I bought an XL and they fit, but they slid down a little bit as a ran. I wear my pants at my natural waist, so I wear them a bit higher than a lot of people. I usually have a problem with workout pants because I need them snug enough for my natural waist, but lose enough for my tummy. But, other than that, the pants were just fine.

While perusing my Facebook feed yesterday I saw an article a friend had posted. It was written by someone who hates Jeff Galloway. I won't link to the article because I don't want to give it any extra attention but I found it interesting.  I use the run/walk method in my training and my races (other than the 5K distance) and I love it. One of the author's complaints was that "Galloweenies" (gotta admit, I do love that nickname and will start using it) are unpredictable and stop and start randomly causing roadblocks and traffic jams.

 "The way I see it there are three options: Slam to a stop like the Galloway Jugheads; do your best to get around them (and I say "them" because they always come in twos and threes and tens); or do what I do. Go bowling. Galloway bowling. That's right, when a gaggle of Galloweenies decides to stop dead in their tracks right in front of you, hold your ground. Knock down as many as you can, but if you miss a few, pick up the spare at the next water stop."

Now, I personally always move to the side of the course before I slow to a walk and I also do a quick check behind me to make sure I am not stopping suddenly in front of anyone. I don't think a person doing run/walk intervals is any more disruptive than the person or people who decide to start walking because they are tired. All we are doing is DELAYING that tired feeling by walking BEFORE it hits us. Does that make me any less of a runner? I think my mileage would beg to differ.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Told the Witch Doctor You Didn't Love Me True

When I thought about going back to bed this morning instead of running I realized a few things:

First, I had to get up early-ish anyway because I needed to shower.

Second, if I had to get up early-ish I wasn't really getting that much more sleep by going back to bed.

Third, a run would feel really, really good.

And then I went for a run.

It was warm out, still is, in the sixties so I wasn't able to wear the new leggings I bought yesterday. I was looking forward to trying them out. I haven't really bought new workout gear in awhile. I tend to wear the t-shirts I get from races and capris that are getting a bit rough around the edges.

Anyone use Fabletics? I thought about it, but I am super nervous about buying stuff online without trying it on first. Thoughts?

My plan for the week is to run everyday this week and use Sunday as a rest day. I need eight more miles this month to make this the highest mileage month I have had ALL YEAR. That's what belonging to a challenge group does for me. Pumps me up and motivates me like crazy pants!

Monday, October 27, 2014

If It's Something Weird and It Don't Look Good. Who You Gonna Call?

Sis' baby shower is mostly ready. We got lots of stuff at the store this weekend, rolled plastic silverware, ordered food. It'll be a fun time. I am ready for it.

And I managed to get up, on a Saturday morning no less, and go for a 5.25 mile run. It felt awesome, I felt awesome doing it, and I didn't wipe out. It's sad that I am ranking my runs based on my ability to stay upright. Most of my run was in the dark, it didn't start to lighten up until close to 8:00AM. How weird. I only felt creeped out running through one part of a neighborhood with these big bushes that were perfect hiding places for monsters wild beast murderers skunks.

I rode my bike up to the library on Sunday to print out our tickets to the zoo event we went to Sunday evening. The library is about a half mile away so it was just as easy to ride my bike as it would have been to drive. I thought about our fun healthy group when I rode up there thinking, you know not that long ago I probably would have driven just because I wasn't feeling the whole being healthy thing. My how the times have changed.

And then of course Sunday evening was spent chasing after toddlers at the trick or treating event at the zoo. It was crazy busy, I mean SUPER busy and the boys didn't care one lick about sitting in their stroller. I estimated I walked about a mile and a half just on the standard route. I probably walked an additional half mile chasing the toddlers who did not believe in following paths and instead wanted to run wherever they can. Whew. By the time we got home Hubs and I were exhausted. We ordered pizza, a treat that fit in my calories for the day, and I went to bed shortly after.

And now for my Mini Goals!

Last week:
Monday Mini Goals week of 10/20/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles. Thanks to two five mile runs, one at the start of the week and one at the end, I ended up with a 24.2 mile week. Yay me!
2. Lose 1 pound. I am not weighing myself until the official weigh-in for the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats DietBet. That ends on Friday so I will post the official weight loss then.
3. Do two strength workouts. Oops. Not so much. I did a strength workout once last week. Dangit.

And now for this week:
Monday Mini Goals week of 10/27/14
1. Win my DietBet. I love that with the DietBet you are really only competing against yourself. I hope we all win. Go everyone!
2. Walk/run at least 20 miles. I am slightly worried about upping the mileage like this, last week I started the week with five miles under my belt, but I am a force to be reckoned with and I will get out there and kick some butt this week!
3. Do three STRENGTH WORKOUTS, DAMNIT MEG! Can you tell I am frustrated with myself on this one? Grrr.

How was your weekend? Any goals this week?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Be My Little Baby

This weekend I am doing final prep for my sister's baby shower which is next Sunday. Oh man, my baby sister is having a baby. Still stunned and awed by that.

And she is definitely having one and not two, believe me she had them check.

Her shower is next Sunday, just in time for me to enjoy some treats since the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats Challenge will have officially ended. Not that I am planning on eating an entire bag of mini Snickers bars. But I will have one or two. So yummy.

I have plans to get up early on Saturday and get a six mile run in. Getting up early on Saturday is still an hour later than I get up when I run during the week so I'm OK with that. Figure if I am moving by 6:30AM I will be able to get my six miles in and get home in time to make coffee before the Guys wake up. I let Hubs sleep in on Saturdays since he has hockey on Friday nights and is usually up later.

Speaking of six mile runs, this made me laugh because that's how I plan my runs:
This is why I always run out and back routes. Because no matter what, you HAVE to go back.Unless you call someone to come pick you up. Which I have pondered.

What are you all up to this weekend? Fun things? Boring things? Laying around in your pajamas things? Anyone racing?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

For a Handsome Sturdy Husband Who Builds Handsome Sturdy Walls

My oldest brother got engaged on Sunday! Congrats to K. and A.! Looking forward to some family traveling for their wedding, that is for sure!

I am a working out fool. I seriously feel like having this group of women on Facebook helps keep me motivated more than I have been in a really, really long time. I ran three days this week, which is more consistent running than I have done in a long while. They are awesome and I am looking forward to the continued inspiration.

Went for a walk on my lunch yesterday:
Going for a walk on my lunch. Nothing looks quite as sexy as a long skirt and running shoes.
 And then went for a run this morning:
Taking a picture with a headlamp on can be tough!

I forget how much I love running the mornings until I start doing it again. I was going back through my blog and checking out some posts with my morning runs and man, I really do love it. At least I love it after maybe the first .75 miles.

In thinking ahead as I plan on training through the winter I am scoping out treadmills. I would love one in the basement so I can keep binging on Gilmore Girls running when it's crappy out. Just need to work on Hubs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Woke Up Today to Everything Grey. And All That I Saw Kept Going On and On.

How is it that I can run three miles in the dark with nothing but a head lamp for light, OK nothing but a head lamp and street lights for light, and not trip but I run in broad daylight and wipe out?!?

My mom said she noticed she is always more careful when she is walking her dog in the dark so maybe subconsciously I just run a bit safer when it's dark out. I know I am definitely more aware of my surroundings.

Speaking of surroundings, here is a tip from a runner/walker to any drivers out there:

When approaching a red light or a stop sign STOP BEFORE THE SIGN AND BEFORE THE CROSSWALK AT THE RED LIGHT. Seriously, how many other runner/walkers have noticed that a lot of drivers are assholes? I get it, you need to get where you are going. But the stop sign is positioned where it is on purpose, as in you are supposed to stop BEFORE the sign. My favorite is when I am running and I stop and watch a car cruise through the stop sign and stop and look both ways and then they see me and do a bit of a double take and I'm all "yeah, that's right, asshole, you should have stopped ten feet back and LET ME CROSS IN FRONT OF YOU. Jackass".

Wow, I am apparently a lot more bitter about that than I thought!

I had a lovely three mile run this morning without tripping. Which makes it an awesome run in my books.

I didn't do anything yesterday, not one thing. For some reason I was super tired so I didn't walk on my lunch and even skipped my dance class. My eating wasn't bad. I binged, but not on food. Oh no, I binged on episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Sometimes you need a day to be a sloth.

Monday, October 20, 2014

When You're Sure You've Had Enough of This Life

You know how when you're running and you're really in the zone? The music is perfect, the sun is shining, it's towards the end of your run and you are feeling good? Have you ever been in that place?

I was there yesterday afternoon.

Seriously, look at this lovely bush:

So there I am, shun shining, birds chirping, cool enough weather that I am comfortable in a running jacket and capris. This is good!

And about two seconds after I got there I tripped on a bit of uneven sidewalk and bit it hard.

I mean, phone went flying, scraped knee, trying not to cry bit it.

It was made especially awesome by the fact that our local high school marching band was doing a fundraiser outside a local restaurant and two teenager marching band members were bent over double, laughing at me.


That was how my weekend ended.

I did manage to haul myself up, dust myself off, and continue on my run for another mile bringing that run to a grand total of five miles. I felt good, if a bit sore and embarrassed.

Between that run and my three mile trek around the zoo with the toddlers I'm starting the week with eight miles under my belt. Heck yeah!

Here were last week's Monday's Mini Goals
Monday Mini Goals week of 10/13/14
1. Walk/run at least 16 miles. I think 20 might be pushing it, but 15 isn't enough especially since I already have six miles under my belt and it's only Monday. I did it! 
16.57 mile yay!
2. Lose 1 pound.  I honestly forgot to weigh myself this morning. Case of the Mondays, I suppose.
3. Eat more protein. I definitely did this. I started eating Greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese for my afternoon snack. Not at the same time, but alternating the two. And I've had lots of other yummy protein.

Not a bad week at all.

And here are this week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/20/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles.
2. Lose 1 pound.
3. Do two strength workouts.

How was your weekend? Happy Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller

We have planned a weekend packed full of adventure for the entire family.

Tonight Hubs and I are going to a wedding. And I plan on enjoying my dinner and a couple of cocktails. I ran this morning (two miles squished in before Hubs left for an early start) and might dance a little bit so I am planning for this meal. Besides, I requested the salmon which is healthy!

Saturday we have family picture day. We didn't do any sort of family picture with the boys aside from newborn pics so I am looking forward to this.

I have issues with my current weight. Of course, I do, I wouldn't be trying to lose weight if I didn't. But, I am not going to dwell on my weight. This is what I weigh when my boys are this age. This is the body I currently have and it's the one that is going to be in the pictures with my toddlers. And that's OK. Because this is the current body that plays hide and go seek with those toddlers and chases after them with the popcorn popper and holds them both at the same time. And getting a picture or two with my current physique is fine by me.

No ones going to be paying attention me anyway, right? The two adorable twins in their matching hockey jerseys will steal the show.

After nap time we're going to go to a different city's public safety open house so the Guys can check out some more fire trucks. And then we have trunk or treat (trick or treating in a parking garage from trunk to trunk) (don't worry, the candy is going to my friend's daughter, we don't need it in our house) and THEN we have a Monster Mash dance to go to. Not sure how the boys will handle it, but they both like music so I think they will have fun.

And that's just Saturday. I think after all that Mama's gonna need twenty naps!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Run Fast For Your Mother, Run Fast For Your Father. Run For Your Children, For Your Sisters and Your Brothers

I am telling you, my Stay Away From Tricks and Treats October challenge group is just the BEST! I joined another challenge group and ended up leaving it simply because it didn't exactly mesh with what I am doing. But, this one, man are they ever supportive. I think we should just make a permanent group with all of us because it's so much fun!

I got up this morning to run. 75% of my inspiration for getting up came from my challenge group and 25% of it came from the simple fact that I went to bed early enough that my alarm going off wasn't the worst sound in the world. It wasn't the BEST sound, but it wasn't the worst. I should remember that when I feel the urge to read just one more chapter or play just one more game of solitaire.

I like three mile runs. I think running for at least three miles gives me a nice calorie burn and sets me in motion for a good day.

Today I ran FOUR miles.

Somehow I manged to get out the door faster than normal (see above, getting enough sleep) so I had an extra few minutes to add in some mileage. After that extra few minutes I realized I was super close to a four mile run. I did some mental calculations, cut some time off of my morning routine (who needs shaved legs when they're wearing pants?) and went for four miles.

I run an out and back route, but this time I crossed the street on my back part just to change things up. I will not be doing that again. Apparently, that side of the street has lots more building with alleys between them and alleys creep me the eff out. Nothing good happens in alleys. I watch super hero movies, I know these things.

When all was said and done I finished my run in just over fifty-two minutes.
Headlamp self portrait
Hopefully that run will help my day go in the right direction. Endorphins make people happy, right?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And He Carries the Reminders of Every Glove That Laid Him Down

And then all of a sudden I came up with a plan and a goal.

I know I have mentioned before that I had a miserable first marathon experience. Miserable doesn't even begin to describe it. I hated it. I truly hated it.

For the longest time I told myself, never again. Never, ever, ever again. And then I started reading race recaps. And seeing Facebook posts. And a niggling thought appeared where I said, "Hmmm....maybe?"

So I am challenging myself. If I get to a certain weight by December 1st, which is the day registration opens for a VERY popular marathon that sells out in a few days, I will register for the full. I need to get to that weight and be in good condition for training (injury free). If I am at that point I will register and start training. I have a friend who has run this one before and I am going to see if he will run with me. Also, I need to talk to Hubs because marathon training is a commitment with a CAPITAL C. When I trained for my half I did most of my runs during the boys nap time but since I doubt I will be able to get in twenty mile training runs in two hours (ha. ha. ha.) I'll need to shift my schedule around.

And if things don't work out then my secondary goal is to travel out of state for a half marathon. I would love to travel somewhere where I could meet up with some fellow bloggers and maybe run with them. Do you have an easy and flat half marathon near you in the spring months? Maybe we could run it together!

Desiree posted this on our Facebook group and I had to share because this is EXACTLY what goes through my mind before most of my runs:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Money Talks But it Don't Sing and Dance and It Don't Walk

I did not mess around this weekend. Shoot, even my eating was 90% on par which is always an accomplishment when I am left to my own devices for meals. Hubs had hockey on Friday AND Sunday evening so that was two nights where I was left on my own to eat all of the things. I resisted. Check a mark in the plus column there.

As for activity, I actually set my alarm to get up Saturday morning to go for a run. Crazy, right? I usually let Hubs sleep in on Saturdays since he is drinking has hockey the night before. The guys usually wake up a bit before 8:00AM then chill out in their cribs chatting with each other for at least fifteen minutes which gives me time to get up and make coffee and start my day without two toddlers dangling from my limbs.

Although toddler dangling is quite the workout, let me tell you.

I wanted to get some kind of run in so I set my alarm for 7:30AM. This didn't really give me enough time to get a ton of mileage in but I did get 2.5 miles so not bad.
 And on my run I noticed there was frost on the ground. I sent some cool weather vibes to Desiree. I can send vibes like that now because I am feeling gracious. Talk to me when I'm running through snow and ice and I may not feel as kindly towards our Southern friends.
Sunday we took the Guys to the zoo. We met up with a friend who has a son who is a year older than the boys. It's so fun to watch them interact with other kids. They get on each other's nerves a lot so it's nice to see them peacefully playing with another kid.
I don't know if you can tell, but all three of them are holding hands.
When all was said and done after walking all through the zoo I walked a total of three miles. And Sunday was technically a rest day, so that was awesome.
Sure, it took me three hours to walk three miles.
I felt really good about this weekend. And I expected the scale to reflect as much. HA. HA. HA.

Joke's on me! TOM is rapidly approaching and I am sure that's what it is, but balls to that. Balls to gaining weight for what seems like no reason. I am up 1.6 pounds from last week and I just know I am never, ever, ever going to be below two hundred pounds. NEVER.

(She stomps her feet like Veruca Salt)

I want to wallow in that, but I will not. Because I am not going to let the number on the scale define me!

I got a nice run workout in this morning. If you're in the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats Facebook group you can skip this paragraph because I told this story on there. I woke up this morning when my workout alarm went off  (I have a workout alarm and then a work alarm) and headed out into the living room to get dressed for my run. I opened the front door to check the weather and saw the streets were wet. Boo rain! So I debated with myself. Run? Don't run? Run? Don't run? I finally just gave into the urge to run figuring I would just get wet, it wasn't really thundering or anything, plus it wasn't that cold out. As soon as I got outside I realized it wasn't even raining anymore. Man, I would have been pissed at myself for not running! I'm glad I did. I ran three miles which I think is an awesome way to start my week.

And since it's Monday it's time for...


Here are last week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/6/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles. 21.9 miles heck yeah!
2. Lose 1 pound. Ugh. If only this was GAIN 1 pound I would have destroyed it.
3. Eat more protein. I didn't exactly crush this, but I did become more aware of my protein. I think I had two days where my protein hit over 100 grams. That's my goal so two out of seven isn't too shabby. This week I bought a couple of Greek yogurts and some lowfat cottage cheese I think those will both help me this week.

And here are this week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/13/14
1. Walk/run at least 16 miles. I think 20 might be pushing it, but 15 isn't enough especially since I already have six miles under my belt and it's only Monday.

2. Lose 1 pound. 
3. Eat more protein.

Friday, October 10, 2014

I Think of All the Education That I Missed. But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This.

When I was in high school I had this teacher, Mrs. W., who used to walk around the school on her prep period. She would throw on athletic shoes and walk with another teacher. Any time I see a woman wearing athletic shoes with their work clothes it always makes me think of her.
So you can imagine that I think of her a lot when I go for my walks on lunch. I used to just wear my dress shoes when I would walk, but when I started increasing my mileage I knew that wasn't going to work. It made my feet hurt to walk that far in ballet flats. I leave a pair of my old running shoes at work and just use those and it has made a world of difference.
Yesterday I got in over two miles on my lunch and still had time to eat my soup and watch a tiny bit of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. My walk was lovely. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing so it was warm enough to walk comfortably but not too warm thanks to the brisk breeze.

Last night, Hubs and I went on a date. My sister watched the Guys and we went to Outback then to see Evil Dead: The Musical.

Dinner was just alright. I had a few nice moments. I really, really enjoy grilled shrimp but Outback doesn't offer grilled shrimp as an entree which I find just downright dumb. You can get fried shrimp, coconut shrimp as an appetizer, and friend shrimp and fish but no grilled shrimp. Hubs ended up getting a steak and shrimp combo and giving me his shrimp. I got a cup of potato soup and the pecan chopped salad. I had checked out the menu before we went so I had a general idea what the calories were. The salad was not that good, so I only ate maybe a third of it. The soup was also not that good so I only ate half of that. And that's a good thing for me. Normally, I would eat it just because it was there and because I was hungry. But when thinking about the food and the calories and what a waste it would be to use up good calories on a salad I didn't really like it was pretty easy for me to push it away and stop eating. Baby step in the right direction.

Our friend was in Evil Dead as Ash and he was fabulous! There is a splatter zone at the theatre that we were not prepared for (people were old clothes or ponchos) so we sat back a bit. The people in the splatter zone were sprayed with fake blood which was hilarious. It was a fun show and I'm glad we went, even though my alarm rang far too early this morning.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Ain't No Valley Low Enough

The thing with any type of journey, be it a weight loss one or just life in general, is there are highs AND lows. Ups AND downs. Sometimes the days are awesome and I am mentally high-fiving myself for all of my fantastic choices and being healthy. And sometimes I have a rough day where I want to mentally berate myself but stop because THIS IS LIFE. Sometimes it is awesome. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes we get up super early and run four miles. Sometimes the only exercises we get in is walking up to the park with the toddlers.


I may not have kicked the world's ass yesterday. Although I did manage to get in a strength workout and drink all of my water, which is better than nothing!

Today I am focusing on three things:
1. I will walk on my lunch and walk a lot. I feel like I can handle more than two miles today.
2. My mindless eating. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am a car snacker. This stems from quitting smoking many moons ago. When I quit smoking I started snacking in the car. This is not good for my health. I did bring an apple, so I will nibble on that on my commute home instead of any of number of unhealthy snacks.
3. Drinking my water.

I will conquer all of those things today. And I will get up tomorrow morning and conquer that day, too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Friend the Witch Doctor He Taught Me What to Say

I had planned on a run this morning. But, after getting everything all set I realized I had an appointment for a flu shot immediately followed by a dental cleaning. Which meant I GOT TO SLEEP IN. So I slept in. And man, was it ever fabulous!

Maybe I'll go for a run tonight after the Guys are settled down in bed. I know I have my strength training on the schedule. I know this because I have yet to watch the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow which I watch while lifting weights.

I am vaccinated, my teeth are clean, and I have no cavities. I feel quite accomplished this morning. I think taking the time to make sure I stay healthy is just as important as a workout.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

'Cause I've Got Friends in Low Places

If you are not a part of the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats October Challenge group on Facebook then I suggest you join right away. You can email Desiree or Tiina through their blogs and ask to join. You guys, seriously, this group is AWESOME!

I know I have mentioned before that I've lost my urge to run in the mornings. It's funny because looking back, I ran A LOT in the mornings throughout most of the winter, which you would think would be harder than running in the summer and fall. There's just been something lately, mental or physical not really sure, that has prevented me from getting out of bed like I used to.

Last night I posted on the Facebook group that I planned on going for an early morning run. And when my alarm went off this morning I hopped right out of bed and went for a run. It helped knowing that I would be able to share this success with the women in the group and it also helped that if I didn't go for the run I would be sharing a failure with the women in the group. Not that anyone would've judged. I'm sure I would've gotten some virtual pats on the back and "better luck next time". But, I wanted to share my success, not a failure.
Sorry for the crap quality. This was taken in the dark (obviously) as I was walking for my cooldown.
It was a great run. Because I haven't run in the mornings in a while I had to adjust to running in the dark. I need to start wearing my head lamp again. And I know I have mentioned this before but I would feel a million times better if I was running with some pepper spray. Gotta get some ASAP.

Monday, October 6, 2014

My I Don't Have to Run Day/ Scrumpy Skedaddle Race Recap

I did the last race in my three part race series, The Thirsty Three, on Sunday. It started with a 5K in May, a half marathon in August, and finally a 10K yesterday. Whew!

Scrumpy Skedaddle Race Recap

Packet Pick-Up
The race was about an hour drive away from me so I knew I would need to get to the race location a little early. I was picking up packets for myself and two other people. They had an option to pick-up packets in two locations in the Metro Detroit area a few days prior to the race but neither worked out for me so early it was.

I got a little nervous when I got closer to the race location (it was an apple orchard so kinda in the middle of nowhere) and there was a back-up for parking. But, I made it to the packet pick-up with enough time to get the three packets and get back to my car to drop off our shirts.

The only downer with packet pick-up was they had the packets arranged by bib number. And the list with the bib numbers was a good fifty feet away from the pick-up line. I didn't have anything to write with and had left my phone in the car so I said the numbers over and over as I walked to the pick-up and thankfully I remembered them. Whew. But, I noticed a lot of people walk right up to the pick-up line then have to run back to the bib number list to get their bib number.

The Start
There were lots of port-a-johns at this race but unfortunately, they were somewhat hidden. I ended up standing in the potty line with my friends' bibs because they were dealing with a parking issue (van stuck in the mud fun times) and then got stuck in the OTHER port-a-john line which sucked. I went potty and then waited and waited. One of our friends had to run from the one line which still had people in it AFTER the start and to these other port-a-johns which weren't really well located. Thankfully we all managed to start, but at the very, very back of the pack.

The Race
Now, this is the same company that put on the half marathon from hell with hills, hills and more hills. I was afraid this would be a repeat of that and THANKFULLY it was not. The course was done mostly on trails and through the orchards so we had to watch our steps but I knew that coming into the race as it was noted on their website.

Because of our late start we started at the back of the pack behind the walkers. The 5K and the 10K started at the same time which means we were behind A LOT of walkers. The course was a bit narrow at this point so we had to do a lot of dodging and a lot of walking at points because of the bottle neck. Once the 5K split off at the 1.25 mile mark or there abouts the course opened up and we were fine. I think if we had started where we should have, around the 12 min/mile pace, we would have been better off, but such is life and potties.

Now my running partner, S., who has run all three of these races with me and then some, was in a bit of a rough spot during the run. On Saturday night instead of resting up and drinking lots of water she had stayed up late and had one or seven glasses of wine. She wasn't feeling the run AT ALL. We didn't start out fast, necessarily, but we didn't start out slow and that caught up with her by the third mile. We switched from a 2:1 run/walk ratio to a 1:1 and hoped for the best.

At this time, during one of our walk breaks and S.'s "dear god don't let me puke" breaks I saw Stephanie from That Loud Redhead. She was running on the back part of a loop we were about to head into so I yelled her name at the top of my lungs and started waving. She looked when she heard her name and then I could see it took a second before she yelled back, "MEG!" Blogger bonding moment! Alas, that was the only time I saw her but I'm sure she kicked butt at this run. I think she was running it with one of her sons.

The Finish
S. and I finally made it to the finish line! The good news is S. survived and did not throw up. The even better news is I PRed!
Now, there are some discrepancies between my finish time and my Garmin time (but of course I somehow managed to DELETE my Garmin information). According to my Garmin we finished in 1:15 and change, and according to the race time it was 1:20 and change. Either way, it was a PR for me by a full THREE MINUTES! Woo-hoo!

As soon as we crossed the line we were hustled down a corral and handed our medal and finisher glass. I am a terrible blogger and didn't take pictures of either. The lines to get cider and donuts were crazy so I opted to just drive home.

I felt great after the race. I really feel like I could've gone faster. I am not mad at S. by any means, she has reeled in her pace for me plenty of times. It was just nice finishing the race and knowing I can totally kick butt at it next time. I'm looking forward to the 10K in November. Might cut even more time off my PR!

I had qualified for a Thirsty Three medal hanger but didn't see any signs about where we picked them up, not at registration and not at the end so I assumed we were getting them mailed to us. Unfortunately, they DID have the medal hangers at the race we just missed them. S. did some emailing and ended up getting ours sent to us, thank goodness. We earned those bad boys!

Overall Grade: B+

I would absolutely do this race again. Even the travel time was worth it, although if there was a closer one I wouldn't hate it. Better signage for the port-a-johns would've been nice! Actually, better signage in general would've been nice. I think a lot of people were wandering aimlessly at the start and end of the race.

And now for my Monday Mini-Goals!

Here were last week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/26/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. Another big mileage week for me!16.4 miles, woo hoo!
2. Lift weights three times. I make my mini-goals on Monday so I could my week as Monday-Sunday. I lifted weights on Tuesday, Thursday and last night, Sunday. YAY!
3. Lose 1 pound. I lost 1.2 pounds this week. This girl is on fire!!!

And this weeks goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/6/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles. I already have six in the bag from yesterday's run so I only have 14 miles left to go.
2. Lose 1 pound.
3. Eat more protein. I don't do protein powders or bars or shakes so if you're going to suggest I do that to get more protein I will stop you right there. The texture of protein powder, no matter what you mix it in, makes me gag, as does the smell. So this is a challenge for me, but I will do what I can!

Your goals?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Am I Wrong For Saying That I Choose Another Way

I joined a Diet Bet this morning. I still have to record my official weight. I had a bad experience with a Diet Bet before so we'll see how I do with this one. Last time I kinda lazed around then had to pretty much starve myself the last few days, plus workout like a fiend, in order to win. And I hated doing that.

Not this time. That's my promise to myself. Not this time. This time I am going to win my Diet Bet by kicking ass all month long.

This weekend I will check my October race off the list. It's a 10K and I haven't been running that much. This racing company is also notorious for hills (see my half marathon from hell). But, it's also with my running buddy, S, so it should be a good time. Hopefully the weather holds out. So far it's supposed to be in the fifties and cloudy which is PERFECT!

Yesterday I managed to get in another run.
Certainly not my fastest times, but I'm so pumped that I am finding the time and the drive to get out and run. Yes, I have been walking everyday but I have missed running so it's nice to be back at it. Special thanks to all the people in my two October challenges for inspiring me to get my ass moving. You're all rock stars.

Have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gotta Keep One Jump Ahead of the Breadline

Day One of my October challenges complete!

Not only did I walk two miles on my lunch yesterday, I also ran three miles in the evening. My in laws took the Guys for the night so after they left I realized "holy crap, it's early enough for me to get a run in" so I did. Three miles yeah!

I don't have any splits because I have given up on using Map My Run on my phone. I'm due for an upgrade so my phone likes to shut off in the middle of my runs. I'll be using my Garmin from now on. Which makes a whole lot more sense. The Garmin just seems so serious and sometimes I just want a take it easy kind of run. Whatever, I'm sick of screwing with my phone for half my walk or run. Garmin it is.

I killed it on my water and on my eating. And I even had a cookie! It was a most excellent sugar cookie and I enjoyed it and only had one because that's all I needed. That felt good.

While I was running I thought about that cookie. At first, as I was getting suited up for my run I thought, "Yep, you had a cookie so now you can go run and burn those calories off." As I was running I realized, I wasn't doing it as some sort of punishment. Eating a cookie isn't grounds for being mad at myself or my body. Cookies are OK (in moderation). I don't need to force myself to run to burn off the cookie calories. I can run because I want to, which is what I was doing. I let me own head get in the way and start thinking about how I needed it to be a good run to burn lots of calories.

Nope. Stop, Meg.

It's hard to pull myself out of the mindset of exercise= punishment. Exercise is not something bad. It can be something fun and interesting. I can go for a run just because I want to, not because I ate too much and need to burn off calories.

Here's my water bottle with my hash marks:
 I aim for five 16 ounce cups of water at work a day. I get a hash mark for each cup. Then when the week is up I cross out the twenty-five hash marks for the week. You can see that I have finished fifteen already, which means I am on track to get my twenty-five in by Friday. I highly recommend this because sometimes I forget which number water I am on, or I forget to drink my water and I look at the cup and realize I need to get some more water in.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Try to Scream But Terror Takes the Sound Before You Make It

I'm not doing monthly goals anymore. I really love my Monday Mini-Goals so I am sticking with them as it seems to be working for me for now.

I'll still post a monthly recap so I can see what all those love mini goals added up to.

Here is how September looked for me:
Even if you don't click on the picture and open it up you can clearly see the bottom half of September looks better than the top half. Know why? That's when I started on my mini-goals. THEY WORK!

As for October, even though I am not doing monthly goals I am still doing two different challenges so here are my goals for those challenges.

For Jess' Rocktober:
1. Walk for at least thirty minutes five days a week.
2. Lose six pounds.
3. Find my love of running again.

And for this one:
1. No Halloween candy.
2. Win my Diet Bet (Haven't joined yet but will by Friday)
3. Strength training three days a week.
4. Start back with morning workouts

All reasonable goals. My mini-goals are also part of this so I am taking slices out of the whole pie and working on them week by week. I can do this!