Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Ain't No Valley Low Enough

The thing with any type of journey, be it a weight loss one or just life in general, is there are highs AND lows. Ups AND downs. Sometimes the days are awesome and I am mentally high-fiving myself for all of my fantastic choices and being healthy. And sometimes I have a rough day where I want to mentally berate myself but stop because THIS IS LIFE. Sometimes it is awesome. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes we get up super early and run four miles. Sometimes the only exercises we get in is walking up to the park with the toddlers.


I may not have kicked the world's ass yesterday. Although I did manage to get in a strength workout and drink all of my water, which is better than nothing!

Today I am focusing on three things:
1. I will walk on my lunch and walk a lot. I feel like I can handle more than two miles today.
2. My mindless eating. I know I have mentioned this before, but I am a car snacker. This stems from quitting smoking many moons ago. When I quit smoking I started snacking in the car. This is not good for my health. I did bring an apple, so I will nibble on that on my commute home instead of any of number of unhealthy snacks.
3. Drinking my water.

I will conquer all of those things today. And I will get up tomorrow morning and conquer that day, too.


  1. Baby steps and day by day! That is the key to anything!

  2. Sometimes that's about all you can do. Just focus on today and not the big picture. You will hit those goals today!

  3. Small steps always lead to big steps! I think letting go of the guilt for off days is a great idea. It just doesn't help and there will always be a bad day here and there.

  4. As always I love your mini-goals. Sometimes a week is a mini-goal and sometimes it is just an hour :)