Friday, October 24, 2014

Be My Little Baby

This weekend I am doing final prep for my sister's baby shower which is next Sunday. Oh man, my baby sister is having a baby. Still stunned and awed by that.

And she is definitely having one and not two, believe me she had them check.

Her shower is next Sunday, just in time for me to enjoy some treats since the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats Challenge will have officially ended. Not that I am planning on eating an entire bag of mini Snickers bars. But I will have one or two. So yummy.

I have plans to get up early on Saturday and get a six mile run in. Getting up early on Saturday is still an hour later than I get up when I run during the week so I'm OK with that. Figure if I am moving by 6:30AM I will be able to get my six miles in and get home in time to make coffee before the Guys wake up. I let Hubs sleep in on Saturdays since he has hockey on Friday nights and is usually up later.

Speaking of six mile runs, this made me laugh because that's how I plan my runs:
This is why I always run out and back routes. Because no matter what, you HAVE to go back.Unless you call someone to come pick you up. Which I have pondered.

What are you all up to this weekend? Fun things? Boring things? Laying around in your pajamas things? Anyone racing?


  1. My normal route includes twice around a big loop. There is always a 2-3 block long internal argument with myself about going the second loop. My husband is working this Saturday so I am hoping to focus on some housecleaning - especially since my in-laws are coming to dinner Saturday night :) I am hopeful my husband will take me to the park for some hiking Sunday morning and then football the rest of the day.

    1. Football yay! I can just hear your internal argument because I have the same one with myself when I don't want to run any further.
      The Lions play in London this week so football starts at 9:30AM for us. It will be weird, but it's not like we won't be awake for it.

  2. Dirty Dancing soundtrack! (The Ronettes, if I'm not mistaken!) Sounds like a great plan for the weekend! Baby showers are so much fun!

    Not much going on this weekend. Probably watching a little more of Arrow Season 2 tonight and maybe a movie. Tomorrow is Cardio tennis (an hour) and then Doubles Clinic (an hour and a half). The rest of the weekend will be groceries, watching football, running errands and sitting in my jammies for the rest of the weekend!

    1. How is Arrow? I keep thinking abotu watching that but get distracted by other shows. Like Gilmore Girls.

  3. Bad that I've called for a pick up on a really bad run before? Most days it's good to push through, but some days it is time to just call it quits. For reals. Way to push through yours though!

    I'm headed to Napa this weekend, so hopefully some running in beautiful country side. Will be nice to have a break even with family stuff being intense right now.