Thursday, October 2, 2014

Gotta Keep One Jump Ahead of the Breadline

Day One of my October challenges complete!

Not only did I walk two miles on my lunch yesterday, I also ran three miles in the evening. My in laws took the Guys for the night so after they left I realized "holy crap, it's early enough for me to get a run in" so I did. Three miles yeah!

I don't have any splits because I have given up on using Map My Run on my phone. I'm due for an upgrade so my phone likes to shut off in the middle of my runs. I'll be using my Garmin from now on. Which makes a whole lot more sense. The Garmin just seems so serious and sometimes I just want a take it easy kind of run. Whatever, I'm sick of screwing with my phone for half my walk or run. Garmin it is.

I killed it on my water and on my eating. And I even had a cookie! It was a most excellent sugar cookie and I enjoyed it and only had one because that's all I needed. That felt good.

While I was running I thought about that cookie. At first, as I was getting suited up for my run I thought, "Yep, you had a cookie so now you can go run and burn those calories off." As I was running I realized, I wasn't doing it as some sort of punishment. Eating a cookie isn't grounds for being mad at myself or my body. Cookies are OK (in moderation). I don't need to force myself to run to burn off the cookie calories. I can run because I want to, which is what I was doing. I let me own head get in the way and start thinking about how I needed it to be a good run to burn lots of calories.

Nope. Stop, Meg.

It's hard to pull myself out of the mindset of exercise= punishment. Exercise is not something bad. It can be something fun and interesting. I can go for a run just because I want to, not because I ate too much and need to burn off calories.

Here's my water bottle with my hash marks:
 I aim for five 16 ounce cups of water at work a day. I get a hash mark for each cup. Then when the week is up I cross out the twenty-five hash marks for the week. You can see that I have finished fifteen already, which means I am on track to get my twenty-five in by Friday. I highly recommend this because sometimes I forget which number water I am on, or I forget to drink my water and I look at the cup and realize I need to get some more water in.


  1. You are a freaking rock star! And what a healthy mentality to use. I have found that weight loss this time around is easier since I am looking at it to help my races and not toi just look good. Such a healthier mindset. It's not a punishment!

    1. Aw man, thanks, it means a ton especially coming from a virtual friend who is running a frickin' Ironman this weekend!

  2. Love the cup!!! Great job in the exercise!

  3. WOW Girl you did great yesterday! And that sugar cookie was an excellent motivator! You're right, they are just fine in moderation and use that exercise not as punishment for said cookie! Excellent day!

  4. That's sooo true about your cookie thought process--if we only run so we can eat crap...we aren't really changing our mental thoughts to healthy thoughts.
    Eat cookies when you want--not just as a reward. When you listen to your body, you will know what appropriate amounts are!

    Thanks for a great post!

    1. Right? Working out just to burn off a cookie is silly. Working out because I want to and it makes me feel good? That's the way to do it!