Wednesday, October 29, 2014

He's Gone When I'm Awake But He Shows Up When I'm Asleep

I honestly cannot believe that I went ahead and set my alarm ten minutes earlier than my already early run time. I wanted to get in four miles this morning and figured that would give me enough time. It did, 4.05 miles woot woot.

Seriously, who is this weirdo that has taken over my body and decided to be all healthy and crap? I didn't stop for fast food last night, even though I was starving after rehearsal. I have avoided my sons' Halloween candy like the plague. I have been making healthy eating choices. And I got up WAY earlier than I had to to go for a run.

Have I been abducted by the healthy pod people?!?

I got to try out my new leggings today. I bought an XL and they fit, but they slid down a little bit as a ran. I wear my pants at my natural waist, so I wear them a bit higher than a lot of people. I usually have a problem with workout pants because I need them snug enough for my natural waist, but lose enough for my tummy. But, other than that, the pants were just fine.

While perusing my Facebook feed yesterday I saw an article a friend had posted. It was written by someone who hates Jeff Galloway. I won't link to the article because I don't want to give it any extra attention but I found it interesting.  I use the run/walk method in my training and my races (other than the 5K distance) and I love it. One of the author's complaints was that "Galloweenies" (gotta admit, I do love that nickname and will start using it) are unpredictable and stop and start randomly causing roadblocks and traffic jams.

 "The way I see it there are three options: Slam to a stop like the Galloway Jugheads; do your best to get around them (and I say "them" because they always come in twos and threes and tens); or do what I do. Go bowling. Galloway bowling. That's right, when a gaggle of Galloweenies decides to stop dead in their tracks right in front of you, hold your ground. Knock down as many as you can, but if you miss a few, pick up the spare at the next water stop."

Now, I personally always move to the side of the course before I slow to a walk and I also do a quick check behind me to make sure I am not stopping suddenly in front of anyone. I don't think a person doing run/walk intervals is any more disruptive than the person or people who decide to start walking because they are tired. All we are doing is DELAYING that tired feeling by walking BEFORE it hits us. Does that make me any less of a runner? I think my mileage would beg to differ.


  1. Oh god the bowling reference makes me chuckle. I have run in all of 3 races so I'm hardly an expert on such things but I think like you, just slow to walk and also check behind you is the right thing to do. I know if I'm in the 'zone', I don't necessarily pay attention to what others are doing so if someone would stop quickly in front of me, I'd totally plow into them. Surely, people don't do that, right? Stop short like that?

    Great job this morning!

  2. Okay, this made me laugh but as someone who walks more than runs right now, I am careful to stay to the side. Luckily I usually run by my house and those paths aren't super clogged but when I do go to the big park with tons of runners, I am careful about slipping to the side when walking. I can't imagine it isn't anymore destructive than darting out of the way of bicycles or strollers or kids or dogs or college students in clumps to be honest. It is the risk you take with running in heavily populated areas I guess.

    Good job on the healthy choices!!!

  3. Ugh, ignore stupid people like that. I loved the Galloway method when I was using it and I know a lot of very fast people that use it! Everyone should be aware of what is going on around them regardless of if they are walking, running, stopping, or starting!

    And look at you freaking go! You are like the healthy MVP!