Friday, October 10, 2014

I Think of All the Education That I Missed. But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This.

When I was in high school I had this teacher, Mrs. W., who used to walk around the school on her prep period. She would throw on athletic shoes and walk with another teacher. Any time I see a woman wearing athletic shoes with their work clothes it always makes me think of her.
So you can imagine that I think of her a lot when I go for my walks on lunch. I used to just wear my dress shoes when I would walk, but when I started increasing my mileage I knew that wasn't going to work. It made my feet hurt to walk that far in ballet flats. I leave a pair of my old running shoes at work and just use those and it has made a world of difference.
Yesterday I got in over two miles on my lunch and still had time to eat my soup and watch a tiny bit of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. My walk was lovely. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing so it was warm enough to walk comfortably but not too warm thanks to the brisk breeze.

Last night, Hubs and I went on a date. My sister watched the Guys and we went to Outback then to see Evil Dead: The Musical.

Dinner was just alright. I had a few nice moments. I really, really enjoy grilled shrimp but Outback doesn't offer grilled shrimp as an entree which I find just downright dumb. You can get fried shrimp, coconut shrimp as an appetizer, and friend shrimp and fish but no grilled shrimp. Hubs ended up getting a steak and shrimp combo and giving me his shrimp. I got a cup of potato soup and the pecan chopped salad. I had checked out the menu before we went so I had a general idea what the calories were. The salad was not that good, so I only ate maybe a third of it. The soup was also not that good so I only ate half of that. And that's a good thing for me. Normally, I would eat it just because it was there and because I was hungry. But when thinking about the food and the calories and what a waste it would be to use up good calories on a salad I didn't really like it was pretty easy for me to push it away and stop eating. Baby step in the right direction.

Our friend was in Evil Dead as Ash and he was fabulous! There is a splatter zone at the theatre that we were not prepared for (people were old clothes or ponchos) so we sat back a bit. The people in the splatter zone were sprayed with fake blood which was hilarious. It was a fun show and I'm glad we went, even though my alarm rang far too early this morning.


  1. Well done at dinner! One of the biggest things that I am still working on is being able to only eat what tastes good and not eat/finish something because it is there. It is so hard though!

    They are putting a park in at the front of my building and I can't wait for it to be done so that I can walk laps at lunch!

    1. Oooh a park, nice. There's one I can drive to that I debate walking in.

      It is a big challenge for me, too and I consider setting the fork down and pushing it away a big accomplishment. I also didn't have any soda at dinner which is another bonus. Just drinking water with dinner is new to me and I liked it.It helps that restaurants charge three bucks for a soda. Come on!

  2. Oh wow Evil Dead: The Musical sounds like a hoot! I bet that was awesome! Great job at Outback too! Outback is tough to eat even marginally healthy there! So big time kudos!

    Send some of that nice weather down here to me if you can! We are back up to hot and humid. Really ready for some normal fall like temps!

    1. I absolutely thought of you, you would for sure like it!

      I'll send some nice weather vibes right now. Come on humidity, go away!