Friday, October 17, 2014

I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller

We have planned a weekend packed full of adventure for the entire family.

Tonight Hubs and I are going to a wedding. And I plan on enjoying my dinner and a couple of cocktails. I ran this morning (two miles squished in before Hubs left for an early start) and might dance a little bit so I am planning for this meal. Besides, I requested the salmon which is healthy!

Saturday we have family picture day. We didn't do any sort of family picture with the boys aside from newborn pics so I am looking forward to this.

I have issues with my current weight. Of course, I do, I wouldn't be trying to lose weight if I didn't. But, I am not going to dwell on my weight. This is what I weigh when my boys are this age. This is the body I currently have and it's the one that is going to be in the pictures with my toddlers. And that's OK. Because this is the current body that plays hide and go seek with those toddlers and chases after them with the popcorn popper and holds them both at the same time. And getting a picture or two with my current physique is fine by me.

No ones going to be paying attention me anyway, right? The two adorable twins in their matching hockey jerseys will steal the show.

After nap time we're going to go to a different city's public safety open house so the Guys can check out some more fire trucks. And then we have trunk or treat (trick or treating in a parking garage from trunk to trunk) (don't worry, the candy is going to my friend's daughter, we don't need it in our house) and THEN we have a Monster Mash dance to go to. Not sure how the boys will handle it, but they both like music so I think they will have fun.

And that's just Saturday. I think after all that Mama's gonna need twenty naps!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I agree with what you said about pictures. It makes me sad when people say they hate their family pictures or wedding pictures because of their weight. And you are right those boys are going to steal the show anyway :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love weddings :)

    And I LOVE your view on the pictures. You are string and capable and that isn't negated by the fact that you are trying to lose weight. You go girl!

  3. Good lord I'm tired after reading all of that but looks like a really fun weekend! Don't sweat the pics. You are making memories!

    Oh and, Skee-Lo. :)

  4. Good for you on the family pictures! I admit, I haven't taken one of us since...oh goodness, it might be 8 years now. I should probably get on that!

  5. How funny!! We had family pics done yesterday, too!! Did your family FREEZE as much as mine did?? Or maybe you were smart and didn't have yours done outside. ;)

    Hope you had a blast at the wedding!!