Monday, October 27, 2014

If It's Something Weird and It Don't Look Good. Who You Gonna Call?

Sis' baby shower is mostly ready. We got lots of stuff at the store this weekend, rolled plastic silverware, ordered food. It'll be a fun time. I am ready for it.

And I managed to get up, on a Saturday morning no less, and go for a 5.25 mile run. It felt awesome, I felt awesome doing it, and I didn't wipe out. It's sad that I am ranking my runs based on my ability to stay upright. Most of my run was in the dark, it didn't start to lighten up until close to 8:00AM. How weird. I only felt creeped out running through one part of a neighborhood with these big bushes that were perfect hiding places for monsters wild beast murderers skunks.

I rode my bike up to the library on Sunday to print out our tickets to the zoo event we went to Sunday evening. The library is about a half mile away so it was just as easy to ride my bike as it would have been to drive. I thought about our fun healthy group when I rode up there thinking, you know not that long ago I probably would have driven just because I wasn't feeling the whole being healthy thing. My how the times have changed.

And then of course Sunday evening was spent chasing after toddlers at the trick or treating event at the zoo. It was crazy busy, I mean SUPER busy and the boys didn't care one lick about sitting in their stroller. I estimated I walked about a mile and a half just on the standard route. I probably walked an additional half mile chasing the toddlers who did not believe in following paths and instead wanted to run wherever they can. Whew. By the time we got home Hubs and I were exhausted. We ordered pizza, a treat that fit in my calories for the day, and I went to bed shortly after.

And now for my Mini Goals!

Last week:
Monday Mini Goals week of 10/20/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles. Thanks to two five mile runs, one at the start of the week and one at the end, I ended up with a 24.2 mile week. Yay me!
2. Lose 1 pound. I am not weighing myself until the official weigh-in for the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats DietBet. That ends on Friday so I will post the official weight loss then.
3. Do two strength workouts. Oops. Not so much. I did a strength workout once last week. Dangit.

And now for this week:
Monday Mini Goals week of 10/27/14
1. Win my DietBet. I love that with the DietBet you are really only competing against yourself. I hope we all win. Go everyone!
2. Walk/run at least 20 miles. I am slightly worried about upping the mileage like this, last week I started the week with five miles under my belt, but I am a force to be reckoned with and I will get out there and kick some butt this week!
3. Do three STRENGTH WORKOUTS, DAMNIT MEG! Can you tell I am frustrated with myself on this one? Grrr.

How was your weekend? Any goals this week?


  1. OOOH Ray Parker Jr./Ghostbusters. Easy peasy one today! :D

    I'm struggling getting the strength workouts in too. I am getting runs in but strength. Uh, somethings gotta give. I'm also terrified about the dietbet. Guess who's Shark Week is starting any minute now... /sigh

    Glad you had a good weekend!

    1. Halloween themed songs all week.

      Can we at candy yet?

  2. Yep, I even knew it :)

    I guess next month I will have to hit some strength training if I am going to eek out a push up or two. My husband was showing me some exercises this weekend...not I just have to do them!

    Hurray for biking instead of driving! I love the little changes we are all making.

  3. You are seriously killing it lately! Look at that mileage! I am so proud of everyone is the challenge! You'll be ready for marathon training in no time :)