Thursday, October 30, 2014

It Was a One Eyed One Horned Flyin' Purple People Eater

I know I keep talking about the Stay Away From Tricks and Treats group I belong to, but I cannot stop. I can't help it. It's so wonderful to have a supportive and fun group of women who just get it, get the journey, get the cravings, get the "I just want to wear my pjs don't make me work out" feelings. I mean, come on, we text each other to make sure we are getting out of bed early enough to wokr how. How can you beat that? I love them all!

With all the different posts from the group keeping me very aware of my activity and my eating I realized something.

If it's not something I really, really want to eat then I'm not going to eat it.

Cue dramatic music!

Last week, my mother-in-law brought over an apple crumble for dessert. I had run five miles that day so I was feeling really good. For some reason, the dessert didn't really appeal to me. So I passed on it. She left some for Hubs and I to have later and even after I tasted a bit of it I realized I didn't want it. I was not going to eat that dessert. I wasn't going to eat it because it was there, I was simply not going to eat it. Hubs ended up eating it.

Now I have always known that I am more of a salty snacker than a sweet snacker so I tried something this week. The Guys got a couple of snack bags of Doritos at the trick or treat event we went to on Sunday. I avoided them for a while then looked at the calories on the bag and realized at 140 calories a bag, I could eat one of those as a snack and still be OK with my calorie goal. So I did. I had a bag yesterday with my breakfast (weird, I know but a turkey sandwich after a morning run always tastes so yummy to me) and I was fine. I didn't eat all three bags at once. I enjoyed the serving size, it was enough for me.

That's the thing, the big epiphany, the big idea. It's OK to eat something that is maybe not the best thing in the world for you. It's all about moderation. Want a piece of cheesecake? Eat a piece of cheesecake. But just eat ONE piece of cheesecake. Just eat ONE snack size bag of Doritos. People do that. Skinny people or just people who are not watching their weight or trying to lose weight, those people eat junk food. And they don't get fat. Sure there are factors like metabolism in effect here, but there are also factors where maybe those people aren't like me where they eat when they are bored or stressed. That's the kind of eating I need to watch.

Today I turned down a donut at work. Not because I am afraid eating it will send me down a slippery slope of eating everything in sight, but because I don't even really like donuts. If I am going to have something like that, I would much rather have a snack size bag of Doritos.

This is big for me. This is the kind of mental breakthrough I really need. Thanks ladies in Stay Away From Tricks and Treats. You really are the best. Looking forward to next month!


  1. Yay for you! I just told Anna the other day that I had a similar realization. I really wanted a brownie and since brownies are "bad" food, I ate everything healthy in the house instead.....and I still wanted a brownie. So I finally baked them and just had a small corner. Then the craving went away and I was done. It was strange to be in a place where I could have a craving, give in to it with moderation, and move on. It was a very cool feeling!

  2. I can hear choirs from the heavens because you, my friend, are awesome and this is the hands down truth of it. You can't deny yourself anything (well halloween candy for a month.) But the key the absolute key is moderation. Once you satisfy that craving, then that's all you need. I WILL enjoy a Reese PB cup tomorrow. Heck maybe even two, but I don't *need* any more than that to feel satisfied!

  3. I completely agree. This whole "journey" would have been scrapped on Day 3 if I couldn't eat the things I want. Of course, I can't eat all the things, everyday, but I can enjoy them in moderation. And if you start to eat something and you are not enjoying, stop and pitch it. I would rather "waste" a piece of cake than have to burn off something I didn't even enjoy. And I would rather "waste" a little money on individual servings bags of chips because I know I can stop with one little bag, but not with "approximately 14 chips" out of a big bag. Do they mean the biggest chips I can find in the bag????