Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Friend the Witch Doctor He Taught Me What to Say

I had planned on a run this morning. But, after getting everything all set I realized I had an appointment for a flu shot immediately followed by a dental cleaning. Which meant I GOT TO SLEEP IN. So I slept in. And man, was it ever fabulous!

Maybe I'll go for a run tonight after the Guys are settled down in bed. I know I have my strength training on the schedule. I know this because I have yet to watch the latest episode of Sleepy Hollow which I watch while lifting weights.

I am vaccinated, my teeth are clean, and I have no cavities. I feel quite accomplished this morning. I think taking the time to make sure I stay healthy is just as important as a workout.


  1. WTG on getting your flu shot! And no cavities. :)

  2. Oh eee ohhh ah ahhh.
    Great job on the no cavity front and the flu shot and hope you can get that run in! Excellent plan for the day!

  3. Healthy is definitely overall health as well, so way to take care of yourself!