Monday, October 6, 2014

My I Don't Have to Run Day/ Scrumpy Skedaddle Race Recap

I did the last race in my three part race series, The Thirsty Three, on Sunday. It started with a 5K in May, a half marathon in August, and finally a 10K yesterday. Whew!

Scrumpy Skedaddle Race Recap

Packet Pick-Up
The race was about an hour drive away from me so I knew I would need to get to the race location a little early. I was picking up packets for myself and two other people. They had an option to pick-up packets in two locations in the Metro Detroit area a few days prior to the race but neither worked out for me so early it was.

I got a little nervous when I got closer to the race location (it was an apple orchard so kinda in the middle of nowhere) and there was a back-up for parking. But, I made it to the packet pick-up with enough time to get the three packets and get back to my car to drop off our shirts.

The only downer with packet pick-up was they had the packets arranged by bib number. And the list with the bib numbers was a good fifty feet away from the pick-up line. I didn't have anything to write with and had left my phone in the car so I said the numbers over and over as I walked to the pick-up and thankfully I remembered them. Whew. But, I noticed a lot of people walk right up to the pick-up line then have to run back to the bib number list to get their bib number.

The Start
There were lots of port-a-johns at this race but unfortunately, they were somewhat hidden. I ended up standing in the potty line with my friends' bibs because they were dealing with a parking issue (van stuck in the mud fun times) and then got stuck in the OTHER port-a-john line which sucked. I went potty and then waited and waited. One of our friends had to run from the one line which still had people in it AFTER the start and to these other port-a-johns which weren't really well located. Thankfully we all managed to start, but at the very, very back of the pack.

The Race
Now, this is the same company that put on the half marathon from hell with hills, hills and more hills. I was afraid this would be a repeat of that and THANKFULLY it was not. The course was done mostly on trails and through the orchards so we had to watch our steps but I knew that coming into the race as it was noted on their website.

Because of our late start we started at the back of the pack behind the walkers. The 5K and the 10K started at the same time which means we were behind A LOT of walkers. The course was a bit narrow at this point so we had to do a lot of dodging and a lot of walking at points because of the bottle neck. Once the 5K split off at the 1.25 mile mark or there abouts the course opened up and we were fine. I think if we had started where we should have, around the 12 min/mile pace, we would have been better off, but such is life and potties.

Now my running partner, S., who has run all three of these races with me and then some, was in a bit of a rough spot during the run. On Saturday night instead of resting up and drinking lots of water she had stayed up late and had one or seven glasses of wine. She wasn't feeling the run AT ALL. We didn't start out fast, necessarily, but we didn't start out slow and that caught up with her by the third mile. We switched from a 2:1 run/walk ratio to a 1:1 and hoped for the best.

At this time, during one of our walk breaks and S.'s "dear god don't let me puke" breaks I saw Stephanie from That Loud Redhead. She was running on the back part of a loop we were about to head into so I yelled her name at the top of my lungs and started waving. She looked when she heard her name and then I could see it took a second before she yelled back, "MEG!" Blogger bonding moment! Alas, that was the only time I saw her but I'm sure she kicked butt at this run. I think she was running it with one of her sons.

The Finish
S. and I finally made it to the finish line! The good news is S. survived and did not throw up. The even better news is I PRed!
Now, there are some discrepancies between my finish time and my Garmin time (but of course I somehow managed to DELETE my Garmin information). According to my Garmin we finished in 1:15 and change, and according to the race time it was 1:20 and change. Either way, it was a PR for me by a full THREE MINUTES! Woo-hoo!

As soon as we crossed the line we were hustled down a corral and handed our medal and finisher glass. I am a terrible blogger and didn't take pictures of either. The lines to get cider and donuts were crazy so I opted to just drive home.

I felt great after the race. I really feel like I could've gone faster. I am not mad at S. by any means, she has reeled in her pace for me plenty of times. It was just nice finishing the race and knowing I can totally kick butt at it next time. I'm looking forward to the 10K in November. Might cut even more time off my PR!

I had qualified for a Thirsty Three medal hanger but didn't see any signs about where we picked them up, not at registration and not at the end so I assumed we were getting them mailed to us. Unfortunately, they DID have the medal hangers at the race we just missed them. S. did some emailing and ended up getting ours sent to us, thank goodness. We earned those bad boys!

Overall Grade: B+

I would absolutely do this race again. Even the travel time was worth it, although if there was a closer one I wouldn't hate it. Better signage for the port-a-johns would've been nice! Actually, better signage in general would've been nice. I think a lot of people were wandering aimlessly at the start and end of the race.

And now for my Monday Mini-Goals!

Here were last week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 9/26/14
1. Walk/run at least 12 miles. Another big mileage week for me!16.4 miles, woo hoo!
2. Lift weights three times. I make my mini-goals on Monday so I could my week as Monday-Sunday. I lifted weights on Tuesday, Thursday and last night, Sunday. YAY!
3. Lose 1 pound. I lost 1.2 pounds this week. This girl is on fire!!!

And this weeks goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/6/14
1. Walk/run at least 20 miles. I already have six in the bag from yesterday's run so I only have 14 miles left to go.
2. Lose 1 pound.
3. Eat more protein. I don't do protein powders or bars or shakes so if you're going to suggest I do that to get more protein I will stop you right there. The texture of protein powder, no matter what you mix it in, makes me gag, as does the smell. So this is a challenge for me, but I will do what I can!

Your goals?


  1. You freaking rock! That's a huge PR! Very well done :) And way to hit all of your goals! You really are on fire :)

  2. BOOM!!! You kicked butt and took names in both the mini goals and in that 10K!!! Way to go!!!