Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Woke Up Today to Everything Grey. And All That I Saw Kept Going On and On.

How is it that I can run three miles in the dark with nothing but a head lamp for light, OK nothing but a head lamp and street lights for light, and not trip but I run in broad daylight and wipe out?!?

My mom said she noticed she is always more careful when she is walking her dog in the dark so maybe subconsciously I just run a bit safer when it's dark out. I know I am definitely more aware of my surroundings.

Speaking of surroundings, here is a tip from a runner/walker to any drivers out there:

When approaching a red light or a stop sign STOP BEFORE THE SIGN AND BEFORE THE CROSSWALK AT THE RED LIGHT. Seriously, how many other runner/walkers have noticed that a lot of drivers are assholes? I get it, you need to get where you are going. But the stop sign is positioned where it is on purpose, as in you are supposed to stop BEFORE the sign. My favorite is when I am running and I stop and watch a car cruise through the stop sign and stop and look both ways and then they see me and do a bit of a double take and I'm all "yeah, that's right, asshole, you should have stopped ten feet back and LET ME CROSS IN FRONT OF YOU. Jackass".

Wow, I am apparently a lot more bitter about that than I thought!

I had a lovely three mile run this morning without tripping. Which makes it an awesome run in my books.

I didn't do anything yesterday, not one thing. For some reason I was super tired so I didn't walk on my lunch and even skipped my dance class. My eating wasn't bad. I binged, but not on food. Oh no, I binged on episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Sometimes you need a day to be a sloth.


  1. I am working my way through Gilmore Girls right now! And it's all about how much you pay attention. When I'm doing something athletic (like running or playing basketball), I am graceful! But then I eat it when walking down the stairs. It's ridiculous.

  2. Hmm I think you've stumped me! Macy Gray (maybe!?)

    Sloth days are necessary for ones sanity! And that's the best kind of binging to do!

    And I totally can't chime in on the being more careful night vs. day because I can (and have) tripped over air. So yea, I'm just clumsy!

  3. Oh man, Now I've got that song stuck in my head! It's by Guster right? I can't for the life of me remember the name of the song though...

    It's not a Sloth day, it's a rest day. And they are vitally critical to your fitness. (yes, that was an overuse of adjectives. But they were important ones.)

    And I'm going to chime in with the clumsy too, having tripped over flat pavement before myself.