Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You Try to Scream But Terror Takes the Sound Before You Make It

I'm not doing monthly goals anymore. I really love my Monday Mini-Goals so I am sticking with them as it seems to be working for me for now.

I'll still post a monthly recap so I can see what all those love mini goals added up to.

Here is how September looked for me:
Even if you don't click on the picture and open it up you can clearly see the bottom half of September looks better than the top half. Know why? That's when I started on my mini-goals. THEY WORK!

As for October, even though I am not doing monthly goals I am still doing two different challenges so here are my goals for those challenges.

For Jess' Rocktober:
1. Walk for at least thirty minutes five days a week.
2. Lose six pounds.
3. Find my love of running again.

And for this one:
1. No Halloween candy.
2. Win my Diet Bet (Haven't joined yet but will by Friday)
3. Strength training three days a week.
4. Start back with morning workouts

All reasonable goals. My mini-goals are also part of this so I am taking slices out of the whole pie and working on them week by week. I can do this!


  1. Heck yeah! You got all those goals! And we'll gladly help motivate you for morning workouts! I will text you until you get out of bed if you want!