Tuesday, November 25, 2014

And I Want to Thank You For Giving Me the Best Day of My Life

For the first time in nearly a week I woke up sore throat free. Thank goodness! It's cold outside and the wind is howling so you know I didn't go for a run. But, it was such a relief to wake up and not feel pain that I wanted to celebrate. Happy dance time!

Yesterday I did a 2:30 plank followed by a 1:00 plank to make it a total of 210 seconds of planking, per our workout calendar. I wish I could hold a plank for that long, but you know, just holding one for 2:30 seems pretty badass to me. Watch out, Jillian Michaels, my abs are coming for you!

I haven't weighed myself all month. It hasn't been on purpose, it's just I wasn't feeling well last week and didn't even think about it. And the week before something else came up, blah, blah blah. I don't plan on weighing myself until the end of the month. Hey, I've gone this long...

I really wish I had taken some before and after pics of my arms before these planks and push-ups. Funny thing about those, it's not my abs that hurt the most, although they are sore, it's my arms. Holding my body weight up on my arms for three minutes is tough work. I can definitely see some definition there that wasn't there before, although maybe it's just in my head.

And wouldn't this be a fun challenge next month? The same challenge website has a Little Black Dress challenge which sounds fun and tough. And might be a fun one for the holiday season. Goodness knows if I'm going out on New Year's Eve I'd like to rock a little black dress!
You know you want to rock your triceps, Tiina and Desiree!

Monday, November 24, 2014

I Want to Thank You For Your Generosity

Thanksgiving is in three days. Am I the only one mildly freaking out over this?

My family is recovering from a variety of flus, colds, and sinus infections. Funny thing, I got the flu shot but still got the flu, just a milder case. And that's normal. Stupid flu and stupid flu shot.

I haven't had the energy to do much more than lay around my house whimpering. HA! Like that's an option. I did the unthinkable and worked through my sick. The boys seem to be coming out of it with minor relapses mostly related to coughing.

Seriously this whole sick season can suck it. (Say that five times fast)

I did manage to get in a 1.65 mile walk with the dog yesterday. It's actually warm here, back to normal fall temps in the 40's and 50's so it was nice to get outside.

I haven't run in over two weeks. And I have a 10K race on Thanksgiving. I am planning on running tomorrow morning, just two or three miles to see how my legs feel.

I didn't even touch my mini-goals last week. The only thing I have stuck with are my planks and push-ups. Ever tried to plank while weakened by a virus? It's fun, let me tell you.

I've got one goal this week and that's to survive it. We're hosting Thanksgiving, it's my first time doing that, so I am nervous. I'm nervous about my boys with their runny noses and persistent coughs. I'm nervous about running on Thursday. I'm tired. Oh man, am I tired.

But, it's a short week at work. My grocery shopping for the big day is already done. My mom will be over all day, watching football, so I know I can handle things. Plus, she's making her sausage stuffing which is awesome!

I'm gonna be just fine. And if not, there's always wine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


One of my favorite websites in the world is Go Fug Yourself. It's the closest thing to celebrity gossip that I read. I love the voice of the two women who write for it, love the pictures, love the wit, and especially love drooling over and/or laughing at celebrity fashion. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

When there is a particularly perplexing outfit one of the writers will use "words" as a placeholder when she is thinking about what to write. Because sometimes there are so many thoughts going through her head that she can't really put it into writing. Words. Words. Words.

That's how I feel right now.

I have a sick kiddo at home which is never fun. I feel a bit stressed out about the show I am rehearsing for. The holidays are rolling in. I am fighting being sick. I'm tired. I'm mad. I'm feeling whiney.

I just want to eat every comfort food ever made.

And I haven't been running because it is so damn cold out and my body is just not prepared for it. I trained all last winter and it was awesome, but I gradually got used to the cold. This stuff just came on suddenly, 50 degrees one day, -9 the next. Ugh. No.


Monday, November 17, 2014

She's Making a List and Checkin' It Twice

I didn't run at all last week. I don't regret it. OK, I do regret it but I am not going to beat myself up over it. I thought it was the time change but it turns out TOM also came for a visit which would explain why all of a sudden I was eating M&M's when I don't really like chocolate.

My mileage was complete crap (I can always tell when I am having an off running week because I don't post as much on the blog) but I did manage to stick it out with the push-up and plank challenges. I have never made it this far with a challenge before so I am quite impressed with myself. And yesterday I did a flippin' TWO MINUTE PLANK! TWO WHOLE MINUTES! I wish I had thought to measure myself before these challenges but oh well. Maybe I can measure myself today and go from there.

I got my eating under control about halfway through the week. I went to a baby shower on Sunday and was quite impressed with myself. They had fresh green beans and I loaded up half my plate with those and used the other half for a touch of pasta and a chicken breast. I was all excited about the green beans only when I tasted them they were SALTY. Inedible, even. So bummed.

Here were last week's Mini-Goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/10/14
1. Walk/run twenty-five miles. Nope. Got 12 miles of walking in.
2. Complete another full week of plank and push up challenge. Heck yeah! I am pumped about these!
3. Do ONE strength workout. Nope. I know I should count the planks and push-ups but I can also do better than this.

This week:

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/17/14
1. Walk/run twenty miles.
2. Complete yet another week of planks and push-ups.
3. No fast food.

Doable. Completely doable.

I had a moment, too, not a good one. We had family photos done back in the middle of October and finally got a sneak peak at them. Sadly, my first thought was just how fat I looked. I know I should focus on the boys and how wonderful they are and I really did after a moment of wallowing. It's so hard to be documented in the MIDDLE of a weight loss journey. I know I weigh less than I did at the start of the year. And I will weigh less next year. I just sometimes wish I was at the perfect weight RIGHT NOW.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did I Ever Tell You You're My Hero?

I don't know if it's the time change, the weather change, the alignment of the planets or just plain old my own fault, but this week has been a beast. I haven't run since Saturday. Today is Thursday. That is not pretty.

I HAVE walked on my lunch. And I've been doing the plank and push-up challenge...

NSV interruption, I totally rocked a 90 second plank yesterday. NINETY SECONDS!

...but my running and my eating have been out of hand. Not insane, I'm not pounding Big Macs and potato chips. But, I've been snacking more. I had fast food once this week. I've been eating meals at weird times. Not so healthy snacks, etc. And yep, no runs.

But I have the best support system in the world with the Get Your Gobbler in Gear group (Formerly, Stay Away From Tricks and Treats) so I know I can get through this crap week and get back in gear. I can do it.

All is not lost. This is just a slight detour. I'll find my way back.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Let the Whole World Know that Today is a Day of Reckoning

Wow, I had a moment on Saturday morning where the idea of getting out of bed just really sucked. But, Saturday night Hubs and I planned on celebrating our anniversary and I knew I wanted to enjoy that meal without fretting about calories. Not that I planned on going overboard (I didn't) I just didn't want to stress about it.

I ran 5.25 miles at a faster pace than normal. Not my fastest by any means, but at a speedy pace. And I felt good. Well, I felt good right until my phone died on me so I was left without tunes.

I left for my run a little before 7:00AM. I'm still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it's light out that early. I'm used to running in the dark. There was no one out. Not many cars, no other runs, nothing. I enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. And I was home in time to get the boys up and ready for the day. I love getting them up. They are always so darn happy to see me when I go in their room.

With that run, it put my weekly total past the 20 mile mark. Woot woot!
This leads me to a recap of my weekly challenges.

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/3/14 Recap
1. Walk/run twenty miles. Crushed it by 1.83 miles!
2. Complete one week of plank and push-up challenge. Who knew planks and push-ups could be so hard? Seriously, I was doing the sixty second plank last night and I could feel bile rising up in my throat. Ick.That being said, I made it through the first week. I had to do double push-ups one day because I missed them, but I have been sticking it out on this one.
3. Two strength workouts. I can do it. Ha. Dangit. I need to get back to my weights. I miss them and I miss feeling the difference with them. Ugh. I can do this.

So for this week I'm going to go with these goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/10/14
1. Walk/run twenty-five miles.
2. Complete another full week of plank and push up challenge
3. Do ONE strength workout.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Push It Real Good

I've felt like I've had a relatively easy time kicking out the planks and push-ups for out monthly challenge. At least I felt that way until yesterday. Seriously, when did forty seconds turn into an hour?!?

Man I am glad today is a rest day!

And the push-ups have been pretty easy, too. Or so I thought. I have pretty good upper body strength, I have been rocking the weights for some time now. But, man when I woke up this morning my arms and upper back were sore. Yowza.
I managed to get in a run this morning. For some reason my shins were really sore which made it a tough run. I had to take a few more walk breaks than normal, but I made up for it with some sprints and ended up with 3.35 miles. I'll rest tomorrow and aim for a six miler on Saturday morning.

We just figured out yesterday that my sis isn't hosting Thanksgiving this year so I will be having my mom and two brothers over for a very mellow turkey day. We'll watch football, eat snacks, and have dinner. I am running a 10K Turkey Trot that morning so I will have earned me some stuffing! That will be my November race of the year. I did it last year, it was my first foray back into running and I felt good about it. I might post side by side comparisons from last year to this year, mostly for me, to see if I look any different. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, From California to the New York Island

Vote. Go vote. Did you vote yet? I'll wait right here while you head out to the polls? Because you should vote. I don't even care if you vote for someone I absolutely detest, just got and vote already.

Did you do it yet?

That's my public service announcement for the day.

I was running by the elementary school in my neighborhood this morning and saw people moving around the gym at 5:45AM. People were setting up the polling location because VOTING IS AWESOME!

I ran this morning. No walking on my lunch since I have to head out and get a humidifier. One of my Guys is all sorts of congested and the other one is working his way towards that. Poor Guys. At least they are in OK moods about it.

And I managed to avoid the leftover pumpkin shaped sugar cookies that are hanging around our house. If only Hubs would hurry up and eat them!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Baby, Baby My Tender Love Will Flow From the Bluest Sky to the Deepest Ocean

After a busy weekend of Halloween on Friday, family get together on Saturday, and my little sister's baby shower on Sunday I am whipped! Whipped, I tell you!

I need a nap.

Before I go curl up under my desk for a little snooze I am going to set my goals for the Get Your Gobbler in Gear challenge group. This is basically the same group of ladies from Stay Away From Tricks and Treats. YAY!
Get Your Gobbler in Gear November Challenge Goals
1. Get below 200 pounds.
2. Complete plank and push-up challenge.
3. No bakery treats until Thanksgiving (no pumpkin pie, donuts, cake, etc).

Doable goals, right? And if you want to join the group you can contact Desiree or Tiina.

Speaking of that, let's break it down to some mini goals. But first, last week's goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 10/27/14
1. Win my DietBet. I did it! I'm trying to figure out a fun treat I can get myself with my winnings. Maybe check out Ebay for a Fitbit?
2. Walk/run at least 20 miles. So close, 15.6 miles. We had some rainy weather towards the end of the week so it was hard for me to get my walking in at work.
3. Do three STRENGTH WORKOUTS, DAMNIT MEG! Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh man, I don't know why I have such a hard time getting strength workouts in?I know what a difference they make. Focus, Meg, focus!

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/3/14
1. Walk/run twenty miles.
2. Complete one week of plank and push-up challenge.
3. Two strength workouts. I can do it.

Also, a little pat on my back. On Friday, with the bit of walking I did with the boys while I took them trick or treating I ended up with 90.52 miles for the month of October. I am super proud of this, my  highest mileage month this year! I am nowhere near my goal of 1000 miles this year and won't make it, but I am glad I had a kick-ass month.

OK, busy weekend is over. This week I've got some good runs planned, some dance classes to take, and some pie to avoid. Wish me luck!