Tuesday, November 25, 2014

And I Want to Thank You For Giving Me the Best Day of My Life

For the first time in nearly a week I woke up sore throat free. Thank goodness! It's cold outside and the wind is howling so you know I didn't go for a run. But, it was such a relief to wake up and not feel pain that I wanted to celebrate. Happy dance time!

Yesterday I did a 2:30 plank followed by a 1:00 plank to make it a total of 210 seconds of planking, per our workout calendar. I wish I could hold a plank for that long, but you know, just holding one for 2:30 seems pretty badass to me. Watch out, Jillian Michaels, my abs are coming for you!

I haven't weighed myself all month. It hasn't been on purpose, it's just I wasn't feeling well last week and didn't even think about it. And the week before something else came up, blah, blah blah. I don't plan on weighing myself until the end of the month. Hey, I've gone this long...

I really wish I had taken some before and after pics of my arms before these planks and push-ups. Funny thing about those, it's not my abs that hurt the most, although they are sore, it's my arms. Holding my body weight up on my arms for three minutes is tough work. I can definitely see some definition there that wasn't there before, although maybe it's just in my head.

And wouldn't this be a fun challenge next month? The same challenge website has a Little Black Dress challenge which sounds fun and tough. And might be a fun one for the holiday season. Goodness knows if I'm going out on New Year's Eve I'd like to rock a little black dress!
You know you want to rock your triceps, Tiina and Desiree!


  1. You really know how to make me cringe. I HATE tricep dips! But I got the help pick this months challenge, so someone else gets to pick next months!

  2. I've got to get on the plank train. My arms need serious work, I've got the flying squirrel flaps going on. Glad that you feel better!! A 2:30 plank is champagne toast worthy!

  3. Well first, someone needs to explain to me what a tricep dip is. A dance move!? ;)

    Great job on the planks!!