Monday, November 10, 2014

Let the Whole World Know that Today is a Day of Reckoning

Wow, I had a moment on Saturday morning where the idea of getting out of bed just really sucked. But, Saturday night Hubs and I planned on celebrating our anniversary and I knew I wanted to enjoy that meal without fretting about calories. Not that I planned on going overboard (I didn't) I just didn't want to stress about it.

I ran 5.25 miles at a faster pace than normal. Not my fastest by any means, but at a speedy pace. And I felt good. Well, I felt good right until my phone died on me so I was left without tunes.

I left for my run a little before 7:00AM. I'm still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it's light out that early. I'm used to running in the dark. There was no one out. Not many cars, no other runs, nothing. I enjoyed the peacefulness of it all. And I was home in time to get the boys up and ready for the day. I love getting them up. They are always so darn happy to see me when I go in their room.

With that run, it put my weekly total past the 20 mile mark. Woot woot!
This leads me to a recap of my weekly challenges.

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/3/14 Recap
1. Walk/run twenty miles. Crushed it by 1.83 miles!
2. Complete one week of plank and push-up challenge. Who knew planks and push-ups could be so hard? Seriously, I was doing the sixty second plank last night and I could feel bile rising up in my throat. Ick.That being said, I made it through the first week. I had to do double push-ups one day because I missed them, but I have been sticking it out on this one.
3. Two strength workouts. I can do it. Ha. Dangit. I need to get back to my weights. I miss them and I miss feeling the difference with them. Ugh. I can do this.

So for this week I'm going to go with these goals:

Monday Mini Goals week of 11/10/14
1. Walk/run twenty-five miles.
2. Complete another full week of plank and push up challenge
3. Do ONE strength workout.


  1. 25 miles is ambitious, but you totally have this! And I would count the push ups as at least a little bit of strength work :)

  2. Planks and bile in my throat usually go hand in hand. ;) My hat's off to you, I could do maybe like one pushup!

  3. Girl, you are rocking those miles! And yes, agree with OCP. Planks and pushups should count as strength!