Thursday, November 6, 2014

Push It Real Good

I've felt like I've had a relatively easy time kicking out the planks and push-ups for out monthly challenge. At least I felt that way until yesterday. Seriously, when did forty seconds turn into an hour?!?

Man I am glad today is a rest day!

And the push-ups have been pretty easy, too. Or so I thought. I have pretty good upper body strength, I have been rocking the weights for some time now. But, man when I woke up this morning my arms and upper back were sore. Yowza.
I managed to get in a run this morning. For some reason my shins were really sore which made it a tough run. I had to take a few more walk breaks than normal, but I made up for it with some sprints and ended up with 3.35 miles. I'll rest tomorrow and aim for a six miler on Saturday morning.

We just figured out yesterday that my sis isn't hosting Thanksgiving this year so I will be having my mom and two brothers over for a very mellow turkey day. We'll watch football, eat snacks, and have dinner. I am running a 10K Turkey Trot that morning so I will have earned me some stuffing! That will be my November race of the year. I did it last year, it was my first foray back into running and I felt good about it. I might post side by side comparisons from last year to this year, mostly for me, to see if I look any different. Here's hoping.

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  1. I love a good side by side photo! Also, the push ups haven't been *that* bad, but oh my abs! They were sore sore until today.