Monday, December 15, 2014

And When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling

I have a knot in my chest, a giant, stressed out about the holidays, stressed out about bills, stressed out about life in general kind of knot.

But, I am in no way interested in eating away my stressed feeling so that is a definite step in the right direction.

Five Positive Things I Did This Weekend
1. Ran four miles with some of my fastest splits in AGES!

2. Kept up with my 10,000 steps a day a goal. My sister graduated with her Masters on Friday so I left work early to go to the ceremony which meant no lunchtime walk. I ended up pacing around my house for an hour while I watched a Christmas movie just to get my steps in, but I did it. And yesterday between my run and my visit to the zoo with the boys this happened:

3. I avoided fast food all weekend even though I really wanted McDonald's. And I mean, REALLY. I drove by it twice with my running around, no wait, make that three times, and didn't stop.

4. We put up our Christmas tree and Christmas lights. Well, Hubs put up them up, but I was there to help. We lost all of our cheaper ornaments when our basement flooded this summer so we don't have any ornaments up and goodness knows I'm not putting up the nice ones when there are toddlers around. The tree only has lights but it is still up and the Guys love it!

5. Made food for my family for the week. It's Tech Week for my play which means I will be gone every evening this week. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and a casserole so Hubs and the Guys have yummy food to eat this week.

Hopefully you accomplished something awesome this weekend!


  1. You did great this week! So sorry about the stresses that you are dealing with right now though. Christmas always seems to bring out the worst with stress. Hope it eases up for you though.

  2. McDonald's has NO power over you!!! Sorry you are so stressed out, but it sounds like you are winning the battle. I am impressed with your food prep for Tech Week - you have a lucky family :)

  3. Dude, you rocked the weekend! And I need your willpower when it comes to fast food. I was doing good for so long and then this past week has just been terrible.

  4. Honestly, I think sometimes Christmas trees look best with minimal decor, so I am sure that your tree looks pretty with the lights on it! Christmas is about love and family, don't stress about the small stuff. And I bow to your 20k steps, that is amazing!! I don't think I got that many in Saturday and Sunday combined!

  5. Great job on not stress eating! It is hard, especially around the holidays. I find myself burnt out on the holidays and completely stressed out as well. So I feel your pain.

  6. Great job on the run and the ability to not stress-eat!! Sorry about your ornaments, but thank goodness they were the cheap ones!!