Thursday, December 18, 2014

Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is You

After spending hours and hours in Labor and Deliver (otherwise known as The Land Where Time Ceases to Exist) my little niece was finally born super early on Wednesday morning.

Thankfully I have a fantastic job that allowed me to call in, as it was after four in the morning by the time I got home from the hospital. I tried to sleep in as much as the Guys would let me but ended up waking up at 8:30AM.

Spent the day with the Guys, then back at the hospital hanging out with niece, then off to my first dress rehearsal.

You know, the mind is a crazy thing. I did alright through the rehearsal but flubbed some lines and felt like I really screwed up my song. We had a brief break for intermission and I headed back to the dressing rooms and proceeded to fight back tears with all my might.

You know when you are fighting tears so hard you make weird gasping noises when you breathe? That's what I was doing.

Exhaustion, intense emotions from the day before, stress all caught up to me and I valiantly tried to fight off a breakdown.

Luckily, the music director who is also my friend, noticed this and pulled me back from the ledge.

All in all it has been a crazy two days. I did not run on Tuesday. In fact my sister called me to me her water had broken and she had been in the hospital since 2:30AM just as my alarm for my workout was going off. I also missed out on two solid days of not getting my 10,000 steps, although I think I must've been really close if not over it on Wednesday but I couldn't have me cell phone on me while I was in costume.

 Tonight is our last dress rehearsal and then we open tomorrow night. The holidays will pass. Life will settle back down. And I will be ready to conquer it.


  1. Congratulations on being an Aunt! It is one of the funnest jobs! Also I am sure being exhausted was contributing a bit to feeling like your rehearsal went bad, I always get super dramatic and emotional when I am exhausted. I hope you have a great rehearsal tonight, get a good nights sleep and then ROCK THAT opening night!!!

  2. Aww. I know a lot of people think Dane Cook is a douche, but I don't care, this is funny and you should watch it. Your comment about the gasping noises made me instantly think of this. Hopefully it cheers you up:

  3. Aww congrats again! I can't wait to hear all about White Christmas! Hope it goes well!

  4. eeek Congrats on baby niece!! You've had a crazy couple of days, I'm sure you're beyond excited to take a breath after its all over!