Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dashing Through the Rain on a One Horse Open Sleigh

Things that got me out of bed for my run (in no particular order):

-The lunch pizza party we are having at work. Running = pizza!
-The fact that even if I waited for my second alarm I was really only getting forty extra minutes of sleep, or just over three snoozes.
-It's not snowing yet.
-The rain was only a drizzle.
-Getting to play with my Nike + app.
- Getting in more than half my steps for the day before 7:00AM.

I couldn't find my head lamp this morning which kinda sucked. I am spoiled by being able to glance down at my wrist without hitting the button to light up the display on my Garmin. I am also spoiled by being able to run on streets that aren't as well lit. I had to adjust my route a lot because I wanted to stay where I could actually see the sidewalk. People who run on country roads or roads without street lights, I salute you. I somehow manage to trip in broad daylight so I have no idea how you run in the DARK dark.

Quick question for other users of Nike + for Samsung. How do I take a picture with the outline of a map and mileage displayed? I've seen those pop up (anytime I say pop up I automatically think of Paul Rudd's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) ("Pop up. Too much. Pop up. Not enough.") on the occasional blog. I would love to take one, I like the idea of posting my route without actually showing off street names, etc.


  1. LOL, as a fellow klutz I would agree on the running in the dark. We live in a sketch neighborhood so I wouldn't even attempt it anyway. If you want to take a screenshot with a Samsung, you have to push the power button and the home button at the same time. Go enjoy that pizza!

  2. ^^ Yep I was just gonna say about the screen shot too. Big kudos for you for getting at at zero dark 30 to get it done! And pizza... yum.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good list of reasons. Way to get it done this morning!!!