Monday, December 1, 2014

It's the Hap Happiest Season of All

I am a super huge fan of Christmas carols and music so be prepared for Christmas themed titles all month long!

Wow, November is over already, huh? That flew by. I had a fantastic super long weekend with Hubs and the Guys. The problem with having a super awesome weekend if they eventually come to an end. I did not want to go to work this morning.

Thanksgiving was perfect. I started the morning out running the Detroit Turkey Trot which was a lot of fun. I ended up with a PR, finished in 1:16:07, four minutes faster than my 10K in October. I'm not going to do a race report on it, I did one last year, and it was pretty much the same. There are TONS of people at this race, supposedly it is the largest Thanksgiving day race in the country. Whew.
With my friend from Chicago
And then we hosted a very mellow Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I didn't go crazy on eating or anything. In fact, when all is said and done I did not lose any weight this month. I also didn't gain any so I will take it.

The rest of the long weekend was just hanging out with the Guys. Took them to the Science Center on Friday which was fun. Then Saturday I did a bit of shopping to support Small Business Saturday. I hit up a local running store and got a new winter running hat, a regular running hat, and some Body Glide. 

I was inspired by my awesome race on Thursday so I went for a run on Sunday. It felt good to get out and moving. Prior to my 10K I hadn't run in over two weeks. Part of it was from taking care of sick toddlers, then being sick myself, part of it was the sudden cold spell we were hit with for a week, and part of it was just plain laziness. I wore my new running hat, the regular one, not the winter one since it was so warm on Sunday. Man, I love that hat. Super lightweight!

And that was my weekend.

Now it's December.

We're doing another challenge over at our fabulous challenge group. We don't have a name yet. In fact, Anna suggested we come up with a group name that works all the time and then just name our monthly challenges which is genius!

This is what November looked like:
Not a bad month but not an awesome one either. I also had three more miles than this picture since I went for a run AFTER I took this.

Here were my Challenge Goals:

Get Your Gobbler in Gear November Challenge Goals
1. Get below 200 pounds.
2. Complete plank and push-up challenge.
3. No bakery treats until Thanksgiving (no pumpkin pie, donuts, cake, etc).

I did really well on number 2 and 3. I'm not a huge sweets person so it wasn't the hardest thing in the world. Man, that pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving was good. And last night I did my last set of push-ups and last planks. Whew.

This month's challenge is going to be tricep dips and an ab/squat challenge. Looking forward to some Buns of Steel!

Here are my December Challenge goals. We don't have a name yet so I'll just call it the December Challenge for now.

December Challenge Goals
1. Complete Tricep Dips and Ab/Squats exercise challenge.
2. Lose three pounds.
3. Lose inches off my waist.
4. Walk/run 75 miles.
5. Workout 1000 minutes.

Lofty goals, perhaps, but December is a tough month. I suffer from mild seasonal depression so I have a rougher time than usual this month. For some reason the end of the year is a trigger for me. Having plans to workout, to get moving, to not be stuck inside my head will make this month easier, I just know it.

I am actually going to measure myself this time and see if I lose any inches. I feel like I did lose some with the planks and push-ups but I have no idea, I didn't do a before and after picture.

At the start of the year I set a lofty goal to run 1000 miles this year. I won't make that goal, not unless I run A LOT this month and by a lot, I mean almost four hundred miles. HA! The funny thing is while I am slightly bummed that I didn't crush my goal I am also damn impressed that after 11 months I have made it to almost 700 miles! If I drove that far I would be over halfway to Disney World!


  1. Congratulations on your 10k, especially since you PR'd! And BTW, you inspired me with your plank and pushup challenges, I had not seen that 30 day challenges site before, so I have been perusing and trying to choose some challenges for December.

    1. oooh which challenges? I saw that site and I am hooked for sure!

  2. Oh you kicked so much booty in November! I'm so so so so glad that you rocked those pesky planks and push ups! You get mad props from me for sure! December is rough for me too but I've got to get back on track.

  3. Congrats on your 10k. A Turkey Trot sounds like fun! December will be rough for me to get on track as well, all I want to do is bake treats and watch Christmas movies on the television. :)

  4. Getting caught up on blog reading this morning. Thanks for the shout out. Love the post titles - Christmas music definitely improves my lyric recognition :)