Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose

I know I seem to be talking about my new phone an awful lot lately, but I can't help it I am in L-O-V-E. I checked the weather just before I left the house for my run, and I mean that I was actually opening the front door and thought, I should check the weather.

Good thing I did.
Why yes, that is a Real Feel temperature of 12 degrees. Brrr. I grabbed an extra pair of pants and threw those on over my tights and off I went. For the most part I was comfortable. There were a couple of spots on my route where I was running into the wind and it got a bit chilly. I really need to invest in a good running jacket. Mine is from Target and it has served me well, but it is not exactly high quality.

Plus, I want a jacket with thumb holes! The bare spots on my wrist where my gloves didn't quite meet my sleeve got chilly so I was constantly pulling at my sleeves.

With the knowledge that today is the first of TWO holiday luncheons at my office I wanted to get a pretty good workout in. I thought three miles, then realized I had enough time so went for 3.5. Then I said, screw it, I can shower super fast and went for four.
My Garmin had me running at negative splits for the whole run, not sure what happened with that third mile here.
It was worth cutting my morning routine short to get that extra mile in. My husband would disagree. We have a routine where whomever gets up first makes the coffee then gets their to go cup all set. The remainder of the pot gets put in a thermos so the second waker upper (yep, I just said that, you're welcome, English Majors) doesn't have to drink cold or burnt coffee. This is normally a great plan unless someone is maybe rushing a bit and off her routine. I grabbed the cream out of the fridge and went to put it in my to go cup but my brain said, "no, put it in the thermos" so I listened to my brain and dumped cream in there. Oops. And my husband drinks his coffee black so I ended up leaving my to go cup, with the black coffee, in it for him when he woke up and putting the creamed coffee in a different to go cup.

Whew. Problem solved.


  1. You go girl! Great morning (despite the coffee snafu)! We have a similar agreement (whoever gets up first makes the pot).

    Thumb holes in jackets are the best invention ever. But they don't work so well playing tennis!

  2. I am jealous of your cold weather! It is just gross here. High 50s and raining, plus we're supposed to get some kooky windstorm tonight.