Monday, December 8, 2014

Star of Wonder, Star of Night

I walked/ran 18.2 miles last week. I am really happy with this since it's the first week in a while where I consistently got up in the morning to go for my runs. I got up on Saturday even earlier than normal. We had family in town and were meeting for breakfast at 8:15AM. Usually the boys get up at that time so I had to plan my run accordingly.

I am also obsessed with really enjoying the step tracker on my phone. I can't wait for my Jawbone so I can track my steps without worrying about grabbing my phone. It's great but a lot of my dress clothes don't have pockets so I have to physically carry it with me while walking around work. I keep getting teased that it looks like I am waiting for an important phone call.

That's another goal I am adding to this month's goals, get in 10,000 steps a day.

 On days when I run I get in at least half of my steps just with my run so that's always nice. I can tell I didn't run OR walk on my lunch (which is what I did on Friday) on Sunday because I just barely hit my 10,000 steps. I was actually pacing in front of the t.v. for awhile just to get that last 1000 steps in.

Who knows if it actually makes a difference. It is nice to have the thought of my steps in my head while I at work. Reminds me to get up and go fill my water or just walk around the office for a minute.

And, I used Nike + for the first time on Saturday's run. It was pretty accurate, I also wore my Garmin, so I had that to compare it to. I am going to start the half marathon training in January. I put in the date of my upcoming half (looking at one in mid-April) and it gave me a training start date and told me to run at least five miles a week until then. Got it! I like the idea of keeping record of my best paces, and fastest miles and stuff. I don't often upload the data from my Garmin, we have an older laptop so it's a pain, so it's nice to see it right there on my phone screen.

I know it is super early in December but I am feeling really good about this month.


  1. You are doing so great this month. Gosh I want some of that motivation to smack me in the head. 10K steps sounds like a great goal. Starting in January. LOL

    I'm not even kidding.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm loving the positivity of this post :)

  3. I love that my phone tracks my steps now. It's amazing how much you walk or go up and down stairs during the average day!