Monday, January 5, 2015

Ain't No Mountain High Enough/ Fifth Third New Year's Eve Run 5K Recap

I picked the Fifth Third New Year's Eve run mostly because I was out of options. I also liked that it was in the afternoon so I didn't have to worry about it conflicting with my half day at work. Plus, it is always nice to not get up at the butt crack of dawn to run.

I picked up my two friends and we headed to Belle Isle, a state park in Detroit, for the race. Race day temps were 23 but, it was windy, my friends. Windy enough that the Detroit River was rocking ocean-like waves. And we had to run in that.
Please note, the feels like temp was THREE.
Packet pick-up and late registration (for one of my friends) was a breeze. We got there a little too early and had to hang out in my car waiting for the race. There was a Fun Run mile race for 12 and under that started at 3:30. And then us.
You kinda have to zoom but you can see the Detroit skyline through the starting arch
12 months of races!
The start was brutal. We ran straight into the wind. If you look at the map you can see, we ran into the wind, then turned and the wind was at our backs. It was strong enough that I felt like I was running downhill! I forgot my Garmin (nooooo!) so I was using the stopwatch on my phone to keep track of my 2:1 running intervals. According Nike+ my first mile was 12 and change, at least that's what I thought it was when I checked my phone. I figured a PR was out of the question so I focused on finishing hard and finishing happy.
By the time Mile 2 rolled around I could see the course was going to lead us back to running into the wind for the last mile. Oh crap. I tucked my head and ran. There were a couple of gusts so strong I couldn't catch my breath. I passed the Mile 3 sign and the course turned to the wind at our backs again so I just let the wind push me over the finish line. The clock at the finish line read 36:50. I met up with one friend and we waited for his wife to finish. I remembered to shut off my Nike+ app a little late so I didn't have an accurate time. After my friend's wife finished (this was her first 5K and it as a tough one so major points to her for finishing) we headed inside for some post-race refreshments.

While waiting in line for a beer I saw a posting of the finish times. We popped over there and...

I ran my first 5K of 2014, and actually my first one ever, in 39:13. My goal for that race was to finish under 45 minutes and I did that and was so darn proud. In July I ended up with my fastest time to date, 36:04. And now, almost 12 months later, in a race with ridiculous wind and cold... finish time was 35:57!

I PRed! I PRed with crazy wind, with no Garmin, with temperatures in the single digits. Holy crap! What a wonderful way to end the New Year!

I would definitely do this race again. Aside from the cold, it was well run, had plenty of volunteers, very family friendly, and was a super flat course.

And now it is 2015. Here's to a year of fitness, of weight loss, and of fun!


  1. Congrats on your PR! Nothing feels better than that!

  2. Oh and by the way, "Wild" was excellent. I went in not really stoked to see it, but it won me over and was really good!

  3. PR!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY and in those conditions! That's super impressive!

  4. A PR without trying? Rock star! And you're a better woman than I. I probably would have wimped out!

  5. Woo hoo! Awesome PR! Seriously! You are amazing!

  6. That is crazy! Happy PR to you :)