Friday, January 23, 2015

At the End of the Day You're Another Day Older

I played pub trivia for the first time last night and man did we have a blast. I played with some theatre friends so our team name was Les Quizerables. We ended up coming in third place and won a 10.00 gift card to the bar where the trivia was held. We will definitely be going back.

We would have done much better, been in first, but we picked the wrong round to double our points. Ah well, you live and learn. Man, I love trivia.

Best part, I ordered boneless buffalo wings, six of them and only ate two. They weren't that good so I just didn't want to eat them.

Tonight I am hosting Game Night at my house. A small group of people will be over and we'll play board games and drink and snack and hang out. My favorite kind of night!


If you are a runner or a walker, check out Katie at Runs For Cookies. She's hosting a virtual 5K on Sunday. No cost, just sign up for it, run it and she will randomly pick some people to win prizes. Can't beat that!

I will finish up my weekend with a birthday party for my friend's son and with a five mile long run (3.1 for the Virtual 5K), first long run of my training. I am excited about it in a very dorky way. Wish me luck!

Of course in checking the weather we are supposed to get snow on Sunday. And that's what winter training is all about.

Happy Friday! Anything fun planned for the weekend?


  1. Oh that trivia contest sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy your night tonight! We love game nights too! What are y'all playing?

    Could you do your run earlier in the weekend since the weather is supposed to be bad?

  2. Oh cool I didn't know you 'knew' Katie! That's an awesome idea!

    I'm sticking to climbing since everything seems to hurt when I run haha. Can't wait to hear about it though!!

  3. We are doing the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K too...just printed our bibs. Wonder what the neighbors will think :) My husband and I have been suck into the Trivia Crack App - yikes!

  4. Good luck on the virtual 5k. I'll have to do it early that morning because I have a baby shower to go to later on. Not sure why they invited the non-baby inwardly a little goth person to a very girly baby shower, but here we are.

  5. OMG, LOVE the team name, lol!!

    Good luck with your run tomorrow! It probably won't snow as much as they think. :)