Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Careful the Things You Say, Children Will Listen

I saw Into The Woods last night with one of my friends. If you have not watched it and don't want to be spoiled then stop reading right now.

OK, I don't think I am even posting any spoilers, but just in case I figured I would give a warning.

I liked it. The movie was good. I didn't LOVE it. I certainly don't think Meryl Streep deserves an Oscar nomination for it. Honestly, I thought Emily Blunt was better than Meryl. Meryl spent her time onscreen over acting. I liked Emily's more subtle performance.

But my real beef was with Chris Pine. I love me some Chris Pine. That man is sexy. Don't believe me?
Now that is some Blue Steel
Oh man, I love that guy.

Sorry I got distracted.

I saw Into The Woods in the theatre last year, a semi-professional show. The guy playing the prince was charming (hahaha), intense, and sexy. I got why the Baker's Wife would hook up with him. For some reason, Chris Pine plays the prince a bit too far towards the stalkery line. I didn't think he was sexy. He kinda creeped me out. Not sure if that's what Disney is going for, but it didn't work for me.

And that is my review. You are welcome.

Today is a non-running day for me. Which means I will be doing a lot of laps through my office and taking the dog for a walk after the boys go to bed.
On my lunch I walk around the big empty hall on the other side of my building.
I usually watch and episode of Parks and Recreation on my phone while I do this. Not as cool as walking outside but it makes the time go by.

And for a nice non-scale victory:
That is my weekly update from my Jawbone. Seven days of hitting 12,000 steps!


  1. I figured you with a theatre background would like it. It was just not my cup of tea so to speak. Great job getting those steps in!

    1. Yeah I liked it, but honestly, wasn't as impressed as I had hoped.

  2. I love a good NSV! Great job! And I am known as the crazy girl who paces the hallways in my building. Totally cool with that.

  3. Meryl Streep makes me want to jump through a window. She gets Oscar noms just for existing, and I really don't get it.

    1. That is so very true and I am with you. I haven't watched many new movies so I don't know about the rest of the options out there, but there have to have been better performances that were snubbed simply because they weren't Meryl Streep.

  4. "Blue steel, Ferrari, Le Tigre?They're the same face! Doesn't anyone notice this? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" Thanks for the laugh! And I absolutely LOVE seeing someone else's lovely work hallway :)