Thursday, January 29, 2015

Clean Up Time, Clean Up Time, Everybody Helps at Clean Up Time

I slept through my alarm and missed my run this morning. Which means I haven't run all week. Way to rock my second week of half marathon training. Le sigh.

Instead of dwelling on the negative I am going to focus on some positive things. Here are a few NSV from this week:

*I had to wash a full load of workout clothes on Sunday. Not normally something I would think of as a victory, but the lovely Anna pointed out that if one has worked out enough to need to wash a full load of workout clothes it should be considered a NSV. Thanks, Anna!

*I wore a dress to work and wore it without Spanx. When I got the dress a few months ago I had to wear Spanx to look good in it. It's still a little tight across the chest, but goodness knows Spanx aren't going to help with that issue!

*Instead of sitting out and vegging after dinner last night, Hubs and I bundled the boys up, got them on their tricycles and the whole family went to the library. It's a little over a mile round trip. It was chilly out, but the Guys were bouncing off the walls so it was a much needed break from our house. Gotta love being active together!

*Speaking of that, Hubs is 100% on board with changing our diet around for February. It would be a challenge if he wasn't on board and I am super lucky I have that guy in my life.

How about you? Any NSVs this week? Go ahead and brag, you are awesome and deserve some recognition for your badassery!


  1. I have been timing my one mile runs once a week. And last night I did it in 12:09, during the summer I had it down to 11:30, but I am making progress again :)

  2. Love those NSV!!! I finally started back at my C25K program, that's my NSV this week. :)

    1. Heck yead you are! Go kick butt at C25K!