Monday, January 19, 2015

I Don't Wanna Let You Go 'Til You See the Light/ Sno Glo 5K Recap

I ran my first race of the year on Saturday. One of my friends joined me which was great. Last year I ran the majority of my races, especially the 5K's by myself. My friend is faster than me so we didn't run together but it was nice having someone to hang with before and after the race.

Packet pick-up was a breeze. I picked up both of our packets because I got there early. Once D. got there we hung out in the hall waiting for the start. The race was supposed to start at 6PM and I believe it was close.

The temperatures were hovering in the mid-thirties for most of the race. Which, for a race in January, was AWESOME!

It was a small race, maybe just under 200 people. The race was advertised as a glow race so I assumed it would be more glowing than it actually was. Runners were given glow necklaces (as well as a t-shirt) with packet pick-up. Apparently, they had planned on more black light stations (pop up canopies with black lights under them) but the wind was on the strong side and it wasn't a safe idea.

What is it with me and running races in the wind?

For some reason I thought the race would be better lit and didn't bring a flashlight or anything. Part of the course was on a road so there were street lights. There was one part where it was pretty dark, and we were running towards a light so I was blinded by that. If I had my flashlight with me I would've felt better.

The best part is I somehow managed to beat my best time from three weeks ago and finished in 35:01. Holy crap! Where did that come from?

I really pushed myself on the race to the point where I felt pretty sick at the finish.
Nike + wasn't working right, couldn't get a good signal so the splits are a little off.
That did not stop me from stopping with my friend to get a picture of us under the lone black light tent.
My running jacket looked awesome in the black light!
There was pizza and a beverage after the race. I got a beer and only had a few sips off of it. I wasn't hungry so the pizza was out.

It was a fun race and I'm glad I tried something new.  It was the first race for the particular racing company and it definitely felt like it. I'm sure they will work out the kinks and their other races will  be awesome.

I took Sunday off from running. Spent the day with my boys. My father-in-law had a hip replacement on Wednesday, he is doing spectacularly well. We took the Guys over to their house to hang out. I got Frozen from the library, never saw it and thought the boys would enjoy it. They were OK with it, it lost their attention then brought it back a few times. Honestly, I don't see what the fuss was all about. I love me some Disney movies, don't get me wrong, and this one was good but not amazing like some people were telling me. I did enjoy the pro-sister plot line, and loved how they made fun of the fact that someone would get engaged after only knowing someone for such a short period of time, but eh, I've seen better.

On non-running days I have to find different ways to get my 12K steps in. After we got home from the in laws' and got the boys to bed I took the dog for a walk. For some reason, it was super slick out so it was a shorter walk than either of us would've liked. I ended up finishing up my steps walking around the living room.

When I got up this morning to run I doubled checked the temp and it was 34 so I figured I would be fine for running. HA! The sidewalks were still pretty slick. I was up already and dressed so I just ran in the street but it wasn't a very productive run. I ended up getting 2.8 miles in, in just under forty minutes. Here's hoping the roads are better tomorrow.
Another case of not wanting to sit around and wait for Nike + to find a signal. My first mile was much slower than that!
Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Bring it on, Monday!


  1. Look at you, speedy! Well done. We ended upw ith 55 degree days all weekend. It was GLORIOUS. Eff this winter stuff.

  2. Great job on your race! That jacket looks sweet!

  3. That looks like a blast. I will have to add it to my running list. Congrats on the race!!