Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

I am on a monthly weigh-in schedule. I don't know about you but I become obsessed with the number on the scale. The best thing for me to do is NOT obsess over that number and focus on feeling healthy, eating well, and working on what works for me.

Of course I had a great run this morning, was feeling really good, so I hopped on the scale.

Cue sad trombone.

I lost zero pounds. Zero. Z-E-R-O! And it is halfway through the month so that blows.

But, I will not let that own me today. Not today. Not on Rex Manning Day.


Hey remember how I said I had an awesome run this morning? Let's talk about that!

I popped out of bed right when my alarm went off. It is much easier to get up in the morning when one isn't sucked into a book doesn't stay up late the night before. I got dressed and was ready to head out the door when my wireless headphones wouldn't work.

I figured it out immediately. Hubs likes to use the headphones at work, so they were synced to his phone and wouldn't sync to mine. I went into the bedroom and fumbled around, trying not to wake him up, managed to turn off his Bluetooth, then headed back to the living room. Success!
Look at that, two degrees warmer than yesterday!
Unfortunately, because of this I was only able to get 2.65 miles in. I really, really, really wanted to go for three. But, like previous runs, I kept my pace slow for the out part to make sure I didn't bite it and end up on my ass or worse with a broken something.

I have a back up plan for that. Does anyone else think of these things as they run outside? I live in a small enough city where I think I could call 911 and get a fast enough response that I wouldn't freeze to death. This is one of the million reasons why I run with my phone.

My splits started out faster than yesterday. The downfall to the Nike + is it doesn't give you a split unless it is a mile. Is there something I can do to adjust that?

I start my half marathon training in a week. I was going to use Nike + but I just looked at the plan and while I do enjoy running in the morning, I would have to get up A LOT earlier than I normally do to get some of those miles in. No thank you. I will look at a Galloway plan and see what I can come up with.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me since I am running my 5K on Saturday. I have no time goal for this. I would like to be fast, but I haven't done the distances that I usually do. Plus, it will be dark out and it is always harder to run fast when it is dark. I am excited about the glow part of the race. It was recommended that we wear something that will light up under blacklights. Pretty sure my neon tops I wear to be seen in the dark will be awesome! So, goal for this one, have fun and finish strong!


  1. The Galloway pl;an is good for half marathon and the Hal Higdon plan, too. I've also heard good things about the Hansen running plan, but I haven't used it myself.

    And ignore the number on the scale! I find that taking measurements helps.

    1. Good suggestion. I think I will take my measurements tonight. Thanks!

  2. Your Rex Manning comment? I love you for reals.