Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags, Only Got Twenty Dollars In My Pocket

Because of Super Bowl Sunday I have to rearrange my regular grocery shopping schedule. It is my week to shop and cook meals (Hubs and I alternate weeks) so I have been a busy bee looking up recipes and finding nice healthy alternative options to thing. I will shop on Saturday instead of Sunday, fun!

On Sunday I will start my No Sugar Added February. Which means this weeks shopping will  be far different from our usual shops. Again, I cannot stress how great it is to have Hubs 100% on board. It would be difficult to go No Sugar Added with crappy food in the house.

Funny thing, for the most part, the Guys food is mostly No Sugar Added. They're healthier than we are and they aren't even trying.

My meals for the week as as follows:
Monday: Tuscan Bean Soup and Italian sausage
Tuesday: Cheese quesadillas on homemade whole wheat tortillas
Wednesday: Trader Joe's Salsa Verde chicken tacos on leftover whole wheat tortillas
Thursday: Cabbage roll casserole (basically cabbage rolls but instead of rolling the filling inside the cabbage you chop the cabbage up, mix it all up and put it in the slow cooker)
Friday: Cauliflower pizzas (Hubs has hockey Friday evenings so this will be just me. Wish me luck.)
Saturday: Turkey Chili
Sunday: Slow cooker pork roast with over fried potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Breakfast during the week will be hard boiled eggs and almond butter on whole grain bread (but not together because that would be weird). I usually have a second breakfast at work around 10:00AM of oatmeal. Gotta love quick oats with Stevia!

As for my lunches, I bought a bunch of pre-made frozen turkey burgers that I will have with my homemade veggie soup. I am making a big batch in the slow cooker on Sunday while we are at the Super Bowl party. I will separate it into individual containers when we get home.

And my snacks are a lot cheese, veggies, almonds, dried fruit, fresh fruit, etc.

All in all, I am well prepared and raring to go!

My long run this weekend is a six miler. I have a route all planned out to run during nap time on Saturday. The only problem with this, is I also have my monthly race on Sunday, a 5K. My long runs are run at a pretty easy pace so I don't think my legs will be shot for Sunday's run. At least, here's hoping.

Anything fun planned for the weekend? Anyone else racing?


  1. Nice plan for the week!! Not much going on here. Maybe DnD Saturday afternoon but besides that Tennis clinic on Sat. am and then team practice on Sunday. Tonight, I relax with some wine and a movie or two.

  2. Supportive husbands are the best! Your menu for the week looks delish!

    1. They sure are! So far my veggie soup has been great. So is my homemade suace. We'll see for the rest!

  3. Good luck with the no sugar! It's crazy what I find that contains it. A can of spicy diced tomatoes that Iwas going to use for a soup had it!! I found that weird.

    1. Isn't that nuts? I had a hard time finding kidney beans without sugar. Kidney beans!

  4. I want to eat at your house...everything sounds so good :)

    1. I wish you live close enough! We could have a yummy dinner party!