Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sugar Pie, Honeybunch, You Know That I Love You

I started using MFP just after my sons were born. For some reason I just put a starting weight in and didn't actually weigh myself (no scale at home). Yep, I ESTIMATED my weight. Dumb. Because I had seriously UNDERESTIMATED my weight. Ugh.

The problem with this is I couldn't reset my weight, not that I knew how to at least, so here I was actually losing weight. But, since MFP thought my starting weight was about fifteen pounds lighter than it actually was, it wasn't registering my loss, not for ages.

I gave up on it. I was getting depressed about it. Screw you, MFP!

I gave myself the month of January to go without tracking. I haven't been going crazy with the eating, I have been aware of what I have been eating, but I haven't been tracking it. I also haven't weighed myself aside from one time, which was a mistake, so I will see how my month o' no tracking went on Saturday.

I am going to start tracking again next month so in honor of that I started a new MFP, TwinsMom411, if you want to find me on there.

Next month I am also going to attempt to go sugar free. I have wanted to try it for a while, my mom did it to help with her arthritis and noticed a significant difference. Obviously, this is going to make for some detailed grocery shopping but I have a super supportive husband who has already said this is an excellent idea and is willing to go along with it.

I'm not giving up carbs (please, I will make homemade biscuits if I have to, but mama's eating her carbs!). I'm not going Paleo (I don't dig on meat), or eating clean (I don't like the term because it implies other types of eating are dirty). I am eliminating added sugar. And believe me I have been doing my research and that shit is EVERYWHERE!

Of course, I am allowing myself a few exceptions. I have a fancy dinner dance for work on Valentine's Day, and while I would love to get the ingredient list on everything there, that's not going to happen. I won't eat the desserts, but the main courses I will need to eat to soak up the booze.  And I will allow myself some wine because Mama deserves a night out I am not a masochist!

And Super Bowl Sunday is, yep, February 1st. Again, I'm not going to go crazy, but I can't exactly ask everyone what they used in their recipes. I will bring some of my own healthy options from home. Homemade guacamole and veggies yum!

That is my plan. If you have any tips or links you want to share, feel free. Obviously, I am a newbie at this, so I will flounder for a bit. But, I have high hopes between the support from Hubs and my awesome Internet friends I will kick sugar's butt!


  1. Back in the early 90s Sugarbusters was a wonderful "diet" that I knew several people had success with. I'm not sure I could give up all my "white" carbs though liked baked potatoes and such. I think you have a great plan in place though! Hmm I can't find you on mfp.... send me a request if you want. skinnygeekwithin

    1. Sugarbusters? Interesting. I will look it up. I am certainly not giving up carbs, just no more added carbs. It is a shock how much stuff has added sugar. The light Progresso soup that I had for lunch has added sugar. Why?!? It's santa fe chickn soup why does it need sugar?!?

  2. My sweet tooth has been on a total rampage. I have significant pain and I wonder if reduced sugar would make a difference in my world. If I could just get rid of the obvious sugar maybe that would help.

    1. For my mom, who has arthritis and is in fact getting a knee replacement next week, she noticed a difference after two weeks. And that was just eliminating the obvious stuff, like sweetened cereals and sweet treats, etc. If you want to try it for February too, I am here for support!

  3. A big reason that I stopped eating a lot of processed food is because of the crap they add in. I stopped eating most cold cereal a long time ago because of it (also because it triggers binge eating for some reason) as well as most canned foods. Spaghetti sauce is the worst, it has so much sugar! If you're up for it, the documentary Food Inc freaked me out, as well as a documentary called King Corn which talks a lot of about high fructose corn syrup. Highly recommend both documentaries, they changed how I eat for sure. King Corn is a little more upbeat if that matters, Food Inc will make you have even bigger issues with meat. I love animals and found it pretty disturbing.