Monday, February 23, 2015

'Cause When the Feelin's Right I'm Gonna Run All Night

For a brief moment in time, in between the -14 on Friday and the -3 today, it was warm enough for me to run outside. And you bet your ass I was out there running.

After a busy Saturday of taking the boys to visit Nana and her bionic knee (she is doing awesome, by the way) I wasn't up for a run. I kept my fingers crossed Sunday would still be warm. And now all you Southerners can laugh because by warm I meant in the twenties or thirties. Sad indeed.

Somehow it was still "warm" on Sunday. The running gods were smiling on me, oh yes they were. I layered up, it wasn't THAT warm, and headed out armed with some good tunes and the desire to get some sort of half marathon training in.

On my original plan, the one I had to scrap because it is a frozen tundra here I was unable to get in long runs for three weeks, I was supposed to run nine miles. I was super ambitious a few weeks ago and put all my training in my Google calendar so I would know what I needed to run without checking the internets. Nothing like a little salt in the wound every time those reminders popped up.

Nine miles wasn't in the cards for a variety of reasons, mostly because I didn't want to injure myself by trying too many miles too fast. Oh and because I knew I would be unable to run nine miles. That's no joke.

My goal was four miles, five if I was really feeling it. I also had a just in case goal of three miles. Just in case I didn't feel good or my legs were super tired.

At three miles I was still feeling good. I know I have mentioned this before but I will tell you again (Meg's Awesome Running Tip #349), I have found running away from my home or starting location for half the distance I am aiming for and then turning around and running back works the best for me. Three miles doesn't seem so bad if you break it down into 1.5 away from the house and then turning around and heading home.

At three miles I figured I would go for four, but I would head away from the house  for that mile knowing I had to head back at least another mile which would put me at five.

I felt great the entire time. Only thing, I should have planned better and brought water. I wasn't dying of thirst or anything but by the time I got home I was ready to chug a gallon of water. Oh, and fuel. I need to start bringing fuel to practice fueling on my long runs. I was STARVING by the time I got home.

About halfway through mile four, a blizzard struck.
The picture doesn't do it justice. There was a lot of blowing snow.
Thankfully it only lasted about fifteen minutes. I turned the corner onto my street at 6.01 miles and called it a day. I am not kidding you when I tell you I felt AWESOME! I know some people hate running and just tolerate it as a way to lose weight. I am not one of those people. I felt so good, I was buzzed for the rest of the day.
My training long runs should be about 13:30 per mile. Not bad.
I really think signing up for that half marathon helped change my mindset about running and being bummed about the cold. I am looking forward to spring weather getting here. Soon? Please?

After an awesome run I did not eat everything in the house like I really, really wanted to do. I had a grilled cheese and homemade soup, all no sugar added things. Hubs has hockey on Sunday night so I knew I would be flying solo so I went to the store and got some healthy treats for my Oscar Viewing Party. I don't know if it was the run or just being in such a good mental place but I ended up with a small container of bean dip and some tzaziki. And when I had my party I ended up slicing up a cucumber and using that instead of tortilla chips. Who is this person?!?


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    1. Thanks! Gotta love a good day like that.

  2. YES! There is nothing better than a good run, where you feel good to the point of doing more than you planned. Very glad you were able to get out there, and I"m hoping all this snow and freezing crap ends for you guys soon!

    1. YES! I was awesome! Here's hoping the cold goes away. Supposed to be in the teens all week. Somewhat sad that I think that is warm.

  3. I love the positivity of this post. Exactly what I needed to read :)

    1. I'm glad I could help ya. Hope the positivity rubs off on you!

  4. I agree with Tiina it is so good to see some genuinely positive things going on for you. Go Meg!!

    1. THANKS! Like I said to Tiina, hope the positivity rubs off on you!