Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In the Middle of the Night I Go Walking in My Sleep

The Galloway half marathon training plan that I am following doesn't give set mileage for most of the training except for the long runs and the speed work. My weekday runs are set up by time, which is awesome because it makes it easier for me to get runs in before work. I am simply blown away by people who run six mile or more runs during the week. Sorry, Mama doesn't get up that early unless it is to get on a plane and fly somewhere warm.

This week my Tuesday and Thursday runs are forty-five minutes. Last week I had to do those as "runs" as in jogging in front of my t.v. Bleh. I'm still a little buzzed from Sunday's run so last night I said, screw you winter I am running in the morning. When one has to wear two pairs of pants, two shirts, plus a jacket, one should rethink running outdoors.

But, I am stubborn dedicated  and a Michigander so I got up this morning and went for a run. For the most part, it wasn't bad. I need to get a balaclava, my face just gets too cold. When I had to run into the wind (which kept switching directions on me, piss off, wind!) it was pretty brutal. I ended up cutting my run down to thirty minutes and change because I didn't want frostbite.

Just because I have friends in the south:
Yep. It was four degrees when I ran.

I love morning runs. There are very few cars or people out and about so I can just focus on me and my music (only one ear bud in, I'm a safety girl) and enjoy the exercise. It's a little harder to do that when it is this cold, I tend to get distracted pretty easily.
I get it, believe me I do. Our Christmas lights are currently frozen to our roof and won't be taken down until probably April the snow melts. I've noticed lots of houses still have lights up. But, we don't turn them on. This reminded me of Anna and her stand-off with her husband over their Christmas tree. Although, not gonna lie, it did make me smile to see the lights. They look so pretty!


  1. I seriously can't even imagine how cold 4º is. You ROCK!

  2. I'm a fan of lights all year, so I say rock on to them :)

  3. You and my husband are killing me with the winter running. So impressed! Those Christmas are like a little stolen treasure :) I am still proud of outlasting my husband on the Christmas tree stand-off.