Friday, February 13, 2015

Knowing You Can Always Count On Me, For Sure

Happy Galentine's Day!

If you don't watch Parks and Recreation you are dumb you are not very smart you are missing out on a brilliant, funny, pro-woman show. It had it's rough patches in the beginning. Honestly, I didn't even watch the first season because Leslie Knope annoyed me. But, then it hit it's stride, and my goodness I am going to miss that show when it is gone. The final season is going by way too quickly.

And back on track! If you don't watch it, Galentine's Day is the day before Valentine's Day when Leslie celebrates all the awesome women in her life.

So happy Galentine's Day to you! You are awesome!

And yes I did just call you dumb for not watching Parks and Rec and awesome for being you within three paragraphs. I am a woman of many contradictions.

Game plan. I have a super fancy pants dinner dance for work tomorrow night. To off set said fancy pants food and drink (oh yes there will be drink) I am planning on a run tomorrow morning. Since I currently have the energy of little baby Voldemort before he (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS) attached himself to Professor Quirrell's head I don't know how long of a run I will end up doing. But, I just want to get moving, get a calorie burn going on, and hopefully not completely derail my half marathon training plan. I'll aim for three miles. We will see.

That is my weekend. If you love Valentine's Day and are already getting all goopy thinking about it, good for you, yay cupid and love. If you hate Valentine's Day, then also good for you, boo to that stupid holiday, yay to 75% off chocolate on Sunday. Not that I am going to buy any. Because I'm not.

Happy, happy weekend to you!


  1. Happy Galentine's Day to you :) Your are awesome and deserve a big ol' helping of celebration!

  2. Love Galentine's Day! And thanks for calling me dumb :p

    Also, seriosuly lov ethe spoiler alert. Made me laugh out loud.

  3. Awww Happy Galentine's Day! I LOVE PARKS AND REC! :) Hope you enjoy your weekend and can get a decent little run (if you feel like it!)
    And love the Voldy reference. Yes, I call him Voldy. :)

  4. Happy Galentine's Day! I admit to giving up on Parks and Rec, I stopped watching once Anne Perkins and Rob Lowe left because it lost a bit of its sparkle for me. I do love it. "Treat Yo Self" is commonly used around here, and this clip never fails to make my husband and I giggle manically: